This weekend has been just what I’ve needed, some time to relax and get busy in the kitchen! I’ve been enjoying some proper lush salads:



Both of these included spinach, lettuce, fresh basil, chickpeas, feta and balsamic vinegar then one with strawberries and the other with figs. Utterly nomtastic! The strawberry one was particularly nice to eat while watching Wimbledon!

I also wanted to make a couple of things to keep in the fridge and freezer to keep me going. I recently got an extra little freezer so it’s great that I now have the space! I made vanilla protein muffins (based on the lovely Nicky’s recipe for vanilla cinnamon bread), some protein bread made with pea protein powder and some chocolate coconut protein snack balls:


I’ve been enjoying some of the recipe ideas from Protein Pow, and since I have a big stash of protein powders to use up, I thought I’d get creative. I enjoyed a nice slice of the protein bread topped with lemon curd and it was delicious. The chocolate coconut protein balls were surprisingly good considering the ingredients – just chocolate hemp protein powder, coconut flour, cocoa powder and unsweetened almond milk. They have a great texture and I’m definitely going to experiment more with this kind of thing!

I enjoyed a couple of the muffins fresh from the oven with strawberries and Greek yoghurt for breakfast:


As well as the baked stuff and protein balls, I made some vanilla berry ice pops:


I just blended some mixed frozen berries, coconut milk, vanilla extract and some agave and frozen in the moulds. Lovely! I also made some cold brew coffee concentrate, inspired by Angela:


I made just half the amount as I was already a little low on coffee, and customised it with some almond extract for flavour. You know I love my coffee, especially iced, so this is going to be handy!

On Friday night I made James and I a gorgeous creamy chicken korma:


I found some out of date kelp noodles that needed using up, so decided to add them to this. I have never had kelp noodles in a warm dish and they were fab! They turned really soft and had a great texture.

Last night I made some harrisa chicken and hummus wraps:


Oh my word, what a meal! I love hummus, especially with the spiciness of the harissa. I made up some coconut wraps, and realised that I still haven’t shared exactly how I make them here on the blog so here we go:

Coconut Flour Wraps:

  • I mix 1/2 cup of liquid egg whites,
  • 1 tbsp of coconut flour (get it from Holland and Barrett or much cheaper – from iHerb)
  • and a new addition – about a tsp of pysllium husks.
  • Then I get a frying pan nice and hot, add some coconut oil and fry it up like a pancake.

So simple yet so good. I don’t mind eating bready things some times, but I don’t feel great when I eat a lot of that kind of food – I tend to feel heavy and sluggish . James isn’t bothered about bread either, so we just don’t buy it or it would be wasted. These wraps are great because I can make them as I want them, and they don’t give me that same ‘stuffed’ feeling I get with regular bready stuff. These are a newer version of my old spelt and egg white wraps from years ago. I have also seen several similar recipes for wraps on Protein Pow so check em out if that is your kind of thing. If you are looking for a similar vegan type version, definitely try out a socca made with chickpea flour.

I also got my juice on with an extra special blend. I juiced a head of celery and half a massive cucumber then blended the juice with ice, half a galia melon, fres
h mint and lime juice:


It did taste as good as it sounds!

Breakfast this morning was a couple of fried eggs with strawberries, melon and a sliced peach:


Sometimes a big bowl of fruit is just what I fancy! Last but not least, last night I had a bar of this raw chocolate:


Oh heavens yes. This stuff is the bomb, raw chocolate that is creamy like milk chocolate!

Other than pottering in the kitchen, I’ve been catching up on some writing, watching tennis, F1 and some of the Glastonbury coverage. Happy days!

How has your weekend been? What was the last thing you baked? What’s your favourite fruit to add to salads?