I’m buzzing today! I mentioned earlier in the week that I was doing some healthy food demos at a schools family fun day event. I had been feeling a little nervous about it, but I rocked! The day went really well, everyone seemed to enjoy it, and most importantly they enjoyed the food! I wore my Body Gossip t shirt:


I love this t shirt, you can buy them here – and it’s a good cause! I hardly stopped for the whole day, I just managed to get a shot of my ‘kitchen’ between demos (after I’d cleaned up the mess!):


I’m hoping that the organisers got some photo’s of me in action too. I made green ‘Shrek’ smoothies, chocolate cake in a mug, no bake chocolate peanut butter cookies and cheese cake in a glass. The cake in a mug was a massive hit! As there was so many people, I demoed the recipe and then let people have a try. I got such a buzz from ‘performing’ in front of people! I also made some good links with other groups who may want to bring me in to work with them too. Good times :-)

Rewinding to Friday night, I made James and I some chicken stir fried with coconut oil and Thai red curry paste plus a little home made chicken stock to stop it sticking along with some stir fried veggies:


So lovely I made it again last night!

I also had some of this fabulous raw chocolate I’d bought in Brighton:


I would definitely recommend this, it was delicious. Probably some of the best raw chocolate I’ve ever tasted!

For breakfast yesterday I wanted to have something savoury and fruit free because I knew I’d be snacking on fruit and sweet things all day at the event. I opted for eggs and avocado:


As it turned out I snacked on fruit for the entire day, not just the event!

All weekend I’ve been eating fruit, I went a bit mental at Sainsbury’s on Friday and got apples (I’m an apple fiend at the moment!) strawberries, watermelon, apricots, kiwis and blackberries:


I love beautiful blackberries just plain like this. Last night I made some raspberry ‘ice cream’ and topped with raw chocolate sauce and cacao nibs:


This morning, after a brisk early morning walk in the sunshine, I made a green smoothie for breakfast:


This was kale, banana, 2 kiwis, vanilla protein powder, almond milk, ice, super greens powders, maca and water to blend, topped with tahini, cacao nibs and bee pollen. It was really sweet and creamy and extremely filling.

I’ve also been hitting the watermelon in a big way:


Watermelon smiles all round!

It has been a good weekend indeed, just the increase in confidence I needed! I’ve also started to taper my eats to be heavier in fruit and veg and smoothies ready for next weeks raw till 4 plan. I know it is possible to over do it on fruit, but for now, I’m enjoying it and feeling good on it :-) Apart from raw cacao I’m caffeine free now too. I’m just about to make a blender full of my chilled pea, avocado and mint soup as well. I’m really looking forward to that! I still haven’t cleaned the bloody juicer though, next weekend me thinks.

Oh and tomorrow is going to be exciting as well, I am having a hula hooping lesson!

How has your weekend been? When was the last time your confidence was boosted? What is your favourite fruit at the