The coffee has been damn good this weekend:


I’m trying out a new kind, and this one has a really nice flavour. It also seems to be quite strong, I’m going to have to go easy on it so I don’t get the jitters!

Rewinding to Friday evening, we saw the weekend in with a steak for dinner:


This was a rump steak from my local farm shop along with marinated and griddled courgette, peppers and red onion. It was perfect!

Then I decided to get my bake on with a recipe I’ve fancied trying out for a while, Protein Pow’s chocolate brownies:


They turned out ok, if I made them again I think I would add in some chocolate chips and probably try a different protein powder rather than the chocolate hemp one. They still did the trick for a Friday night chocolate fix!

For breakfast on Saturday I had a bowl of strawberries with greek yoghurt and some peanut flour butter:


That filled me up nicely ready for a trip into Newcastle to see Man of Steel at the Tyneside Cinema, outfit No 1:

IMG_4455Army jacket: Next, floral dress: Vintage, shoulder bag: Mango, tights: M&S, sandals: New Look

We headed in early to have a look around the shops and market. I bought lots of cheap strawberries, some doughnut peaches and persimmons. For lunch, we went to our usual favourite spot Olive and Bean:


I had a big chicken salad with lots of balsamic. I brought some popcorn from home to enjoy with the movie:


I definitely recommend that flavour, it was lush! I enjoyed the movie, the fight scenes were a bit drawn out, but when you have Henry Cavill to look at you don’t mind ;-)

After that I rushed home to get ready for a night with my best friends, outfit No 2:

IMG_4473Black vest: H&M, gold chain necklaces: Warehouse, mint green skinny jeans: New Look, gladiator sandals: Primark

Those skinnies are new, I’d bought them about a month ago on a bit of a whim. I had intended to take them back because, to be honest, I thought I looked too podgy in them. However, I tried them on again and felt really good, so good I wore them with that fitted vest rather than a more floaty top. I can honestly say I feel pretty good about my body at the moment, I love those curves!

I went to my friends Kate’s house, with my other best friend Claire, armed with chips and salsa and a bottle of red:


Definitely a night off from my usual healthy ways, I also had pizza, garlic bread and plenty of chocolate! We had such a great time and a real laugh. We also had a bit of a chat about how things have been with me, and how they felt when I was going through my ‘obsessed with healthy eating and fitness phase’. It was really interesting to hear about how they had felt unable to question me about my habits as I became so withdrawn from social situations. They also feared that I would have pulled away even further if they had challenged me, something which James has also talked about. Everyone is obviously happy to see me being more relaxed around food and looking healthier and happier. I really feel like I’ve found that sweet spot when it comes to my weight!

Anywho, I woke up this morning feeling rough! I came home, as I had stayed at my Mam and Dad’s so the taxi would be cheaper, and made my first green juice of the year:


I’ve been saying I wanted to bust the juicer out again and I finally managed to give it a clean before using it to make this apple, cucumber, celery, ginger and mint juice. That really helped me feel better so I popped to the gym for just 30 minutes to sweat it out. After that I made a fab protein pancake strawberry peanut butter sandwich for breakfast:


I’ve clearly been feeling the strawberry and PB love this weekend. I just followed my simple protein pancake recipe to make two large pancakes and then sandwiched it up with peanut flour butter and fresh strawberries. I warmed the sandwich back up in the pan too, mmm!

Now I’m just getting ready to head back to my parents for a family meal and to see my Dad properly for Father’s Day!

What have you been up to this weekend? Spending time with my two best friends was just brilliant. I love just chilling out in the house singing songs together (badly). It’s hard to believe that we are all in our early 30’s and not still teenagers sometimes! The chips and dip, chocolate and pizza were also very good. What are your favourite Saturday night in snack foods?