Thank goodness it’s Friday. I feel like I haven’t stopped this week, I’m looking forward to the weekend for a bit of a rest!

I’ve had loads on: meetings, work to be done and an event last night, more on that in a mo. As I’ve been so busy meals have been a bit repetitive, but still healthy and tasty. Breakfasts have been fried eggs and smoothies on non gym days:

Photo 11-06-2013 06 45 05

I had a cherry smoothie one morning and a blueberry smoothie as well. I’ve also enjoyed some vanilla chai tea with almond milk as a change to coffee.

On gym days I’ve been having a smoothie with added protein powder for breakfast afterwards. I haven’t really been feeling the green ones this week, this was a delicious blend of frozen banana, vanilla whey protein powder, mixed seeds, maca powder, dandy blend and almond milk:

Photo 12-06-2013 08 34 01

As I’ve been so busy I had to drop my usual Yoga workout on Thursday, but I decided I’d be better off being less stressed and having more time than struggling to fit something in:

Workouts this week:

  • Weekend – Rest
  • Monday – Gym – 10 mins cross trainer // squats + chest press // 10 mins step machine // deadlift + rows // 10 mins bike // sit ups + shoulder presses
  • Tuesday –  Yoga Meltdown level 1 via YouTube
  • Wednesday – Gym – 10 mins cross trainer // lunges + chest flyes // 10 mins step machine // single leg deadlift and dumbbell pullovers // 10 mins bike // sit ups on stability ball, leg raises, lateral raises
  • Thursday –  Rest
  • Friday – Gym – 10 mins cross trainer // leg machines and lat machine // 10 mins step machine // split squats, push ups // 10 mins bike // sit ups + shoulder presses

Plus regular hula hooping breaks! I’m still addicted to it, although I do have a pretty nasty bruise on my hip bone!

On Tuesday I met up with a fellow health coach and IIN grad Adrienne. We went to the Slug and Lettuce for lunch. We both had a sweet potato, couscous and chickpea salad:

Photo 11-06-2013 13 18 33

This was absolutely delicious! Afterwards we went for a cup of tea, I loved how the tea was served with little vintage cups:

Photo 11-06-2013 14 12 23 (1)

We had a black cherry tea, it was lovely and tasted quite almondy as well.

To get me through a few meals I cooked up a big pack of lean organic mince with onion, celery and tomato passata. I divided it up for me and James and made some into an Italian sauce to have with spiralised courgette:

Photo 12-06-2013 18 18 03

Then I used the remainder to make a chilli with peppers, courgette and red kidney beans. It made a very filling lunch at work:

Photo 13-06-2013 13 19 41

Along with some broccoli and a small sweet potato it was a real treat! I still have a portion left for today’s lunch as well.

Salads with tinned salmon or tuna and a few sliced olives and balsamic have been regulars too:

Photo 13-06-2013 16 56 28

Sometimes it’s good to be just able to stick to what you can easily prepare and know tastes great.

On the Love List this week…

Photo 13-06-2013 18 43 58

Last night I attended a Ladies Indulgence evening at a school in Newcastle. I thought it would be interesting to go along and try and promote Uni
quely Healthy
. I had a stand, so made some lovely little healthy treats (raw brownie balls, raw lemon and coconut balls, snack mix, chocolate with almonds, coconut and goji berries etc) to sell and giveaway to bring people to the table. The event itself was a bit disappointing though, not a lot of ladies turned out, and therefore it felt like kind of a waste of time. So why on the Love List you ask? Well, for a couple of reasons, I didn’t feel like it was a wasted experience. For a start, I learned a lot about how these kind of events are run, the kind of people that attend and how to present better. I talked to some of the other stall holders, including the lovely Laura from Natural Hero (review coming soon!) and learned a lot from them too. Just attending the event was another big step outside my comfort zone, so I was proud of myself for just going and giving it a try. So what I’m loving out of this experience has to do with the fact that I am able to seek out the positives and see things as learning experiences, and the fact that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I’m giving myself a little gold star for that ;-) Also…

Doing matcha shots with my work colleagues // having a great meeting with my manager and getting my head around life after the end of this month when I start working part time // getting very excited about life after the end of this month // dealing with someone negative in a professional and compassionate way // feeling fabulous after the detox // looking in the mirror and feeling happy and confident // listening to Kate Bush Hounds of Love, just love that song!

In case you missed it:

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of things outside of my comfort zone recently such as that event, and the healthy eating demos. Oh and speaking of, how much do I love this pic of me in action:


Just seeing that makes me smile! It always pays off, and I’m a firm believer that pushing yourself gently to do things that expand your comfort zone is how we grow. Whether that’s with work, or fitness or healthy eating. Some times you also need to not be afraid to fail – thinking of every situation as an opportunity to learn has helped me. I would have never started this blog, run two half marathons or set up my own business without that attitude! You know what they say, if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!

When did you last push yourself out of your comfort zone? Did it pay off, and what did you learn?