For me, the best thing about this weather is being able to spend more time outdoors. We don’t have a proper garden, just a communal raised grassed area and in the last 6 years we have lived here, only once have I ever sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine. That has certainly changed this week!


At the weekend I bought a little deck chair so I can sit at the front door and enjoy some of my meals outside. This was yesterday’s lunch, a big salad with lettuce, spinach, beetroot, goats cheese and balsamic. As well as being a sunny spot, you can move the deck chair so that it is in the shade, which is actually cooler than anywhere in the flat!

I’ve even been taking some of my workouts outside as well:

Workouts this week…

  • Weekend – hula hooping in my parents back garden
  • Monday – Gym – 10 mins cross trainer // squats + chest press // 10 mins step machine // single leg deadlifts + rows // 10 mins bike // shoulder presses, crunches, reverse curls
  • Tuesday –  30 minute intermediate combination yoga video from Yoga Studio App (I did this in the training room at work as I had a late night meeting)
  • Wednesday – 10 mins cross trainer // lunges with bar, push ups // 10 mins step machine // deadlifts + lateral raise // 10 mins on bike
  • Thursday –  10 minute jog in my vibrams // 15 minutes yoga – just doing my own thing
  • Friday – Gym – 10 mins cross trainer // sumo squats, chest flys // 10 mins step machine // bridge on stability ball, reverse fly // 10 mins on bike // upper body combination move, sit ups on stability ball


I really enjoyed my hula hooping in the garden! Those shorts I’m wearing in that pic have been fantastic, only £2 from the charity shop and I’ve barely had them off. Perfect for this crazy heat.

That day also included BBQ:


Times that by two and add some chicken and pepper skewers and lots of pineapple and strawberries, so good!

Other good eats from this week include:

IMG_5209Blueberry Muffins with strawberries, organic pouring yoghurt and ground seeds

IMG_5222Microwaved eggs with sliced peppers for a quick work lunch when I hadn’t planned anything

IMG_5225Still loving chocolate snacks – some amazing Raw Nibbles Cacao Caramel Raw Chocolate and a Dandy Blend

IMG_5252Quick snack of a sliced apple with plain yoghurt – simple and delicious

On the Love List this week…

IMG_5240Frozen cherries blended with greek yoghurt and almond milk topped with bee pollen and peanut sauce

Smoothies. With yoghurt, with protein powder, with cherries, with raspberries, with strawberries, in a cup, in a bowl, whipped up into protein fluff, however it comes I’ve been all over it. It’s been an effort not to just have a smoothie for every meal, especially now that I have a blender in the kitchen at work as well. Slightly behind smoothies on the love list is iced coffee. Obsessed. Also…

Making a very exciting technology purchase! // sweet emails from lovely Uniquely Healthy clients // your comments on this post, just awesome! // home made ice lollies // getting into the working from home groove // delicious tandoori salmon, more on that next week! // ordering a new hula hoop // bargaintastic new iPad case // organising my desk drawers // extremely exciting super duper awesome things coming up next week, keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post for more on that!

If you are looking for some recipes perfect for this hot weather, why not try one of these…

CIMG2335Cherry, Pear and Almond Smoothie (mmmm!)

In case you missed it:

What are your plans for the weekend? What is on your Love List this week? What is your favourite outdoor activity?