It’s been smoothie central in these parts this week. Even James was getting in on the action last weekend! I made him a banana and pineapple smoothie which he enjoyed. Of course, I just had to have a green smoothie!


I had this for ‘dinner’ on Tuesday evening. It had been a roasting hot day and I had been out seeing people after work, so by the time I got home all I wanted was some green, cool creamy goodness! This was spinach, vanilla protein powder, an apple, unsweetened almond milk, ice and water to blend, topped with peanut flour sauce, cacao nibs and coconut chips. Perfection!

Last Sunday I had a weird food day, all I wanted was fruit and smoothies and as nice as that was, I went into Monday feeling a bit sugared out and ‘off’. Eggs with avocado have been helping me feel better:


I’ve had them fried for breakfast and scrambled in the microwave at work for lunch.

Salads have been great this week too. I’ve had tuna and black bean with jalapeño stuffed olives, and this wonderful chicken and mango salad:


As the week has gone on the fruit has started to sneak back in! For snacks, I’ve been taking a bowl of frozen berries topped with half a cup of pouring yoghurt to work and stashing it in the mini freezer compartment of the fridge:


That has been so good to have for cooling down when the temps have risen!

Other snacks have included home made frappes:

Photo 11-07-2013 15 07 16

I made this with vanilla protein powder, instant coffee, unsweetened almond milk, ice and a pinch of xanthan gum. I’ve even been treating myself to little snacks of dark chocolate with lavender:

Photo 11-07-2013 15 26 19

For some reason I have never snacked on chocolate during the day (since getting healthy) as it felt too treat like to have other than for a dessert. Well that is going to change! Just a nice little chocolate hit in the afternoon has been lovely.

I’ve been loving my summer outfits this week:

PicMonkey CollageNo 1: gold necklace: H&M, teal vest top: H&M, tan leather belt: Topshop, black maxi skirt: Primark, gladiator sandals: Primark // No 2: rose gold anchor pendant necklace: shop in Brighton I can’t remember the name of, silk floral print dress: Warehouse, tan leather sandals: New Look

The H&M necklace and vest top are both new purchases, and I also bought a few things this week from the charity shop and from eBay. I’m going to share all my purchases in a new monthly blog feature – all connected with keeping me accountable and on a budget, more to come on this!

Workouts this week…

  • Weekend – 30 minute jog in Vibrams
  • Monday – Gym – 10 mins cross trainer // squats + chest press // 10 mins step machine // deadlift + rows // 10 mins bike // shoulder presses, crunches, reverse curls
  • Tuesday –  Busy day so REST
  • Wednesday – 10 mins cross trainer // lunges with bar, push ups // 10 mins step machine // single leg deadlifts + dumbbell pullovers // 10 mins on bike // upright rows, mountain climbers
  • Thursday –  30 minute intermediate combination yoga video from Yoga Studio App
  • Friday – Gym – 10 mins cross trainer // sumo squats, chest flys // 10 mins step machine // bridge on stability ball, reverse fly // 10 mins on bike // upper body combination move, sit ups on stability ball + 10 minutes yoga stretching

I haven’t managed to do as much hula hooping as I would have liked this week, and to be able to fit in my yoga I think I’m going to try and do a quick sequence later this afternoon.

On the Love List this week…

IMG_50491940’s babes! My Grandma (centre) with my Great Aunt Jessie (left) and Great Aunt Lily (right)

I’ve been loving spending time with my Grandma this week. I’ve visited her a few times while my Mam & Dad have been away on holiday. Usually we don’t have the chance to talk properly, so it’s been nice to really talk if you know what I mean? She showed me this photograph of her and her sisters, how utterly stunning do they look?! I adore that style and wish they had kept those dresses, especially my Auntie Lily’s floral number! Also…

Shopping for vintage fashion on Etsy and eBay // planning an exciting community healthy eating project // making a big decision about my next technology purchase! // mini milk ice lollies // watermelon (I’ve bought another giant one, it won’t last long!) // my Mam and Dad returning from holiday, I’ve missed them // Wimbledon! // bargains from the charity shop

In case you missed it:

Some longer time readers might remember that a couple of years ago I did a Big Budget Challenge. Well, I think the time has come to revisit it! I have noticed that my food spending in particular has got a bit out of control and needs to be sorted out. Like most things, when you don’t focus on something habits can slide, and recently all my good intentions have gone out the window. Time to refocus me thinks!

As part of that challenge I’m going to do a week of eating on a really minimal budget. I’m interested to see how creative I can be, and as I have some community projects coming up on that theme, it will be an interesting exercise to do.

I’m really looking forward to this coming weekend, we have some fun plans for tonight too!

How has your week been? What’s on your Love List? Any big plans for the sunny weekend? Do you snack on chocolate during the day?