Is it just me, or was June a bit of a whirlwind? Last month just seemed to be over in a blink of an eye for me. I’m very happy that I achieved all the things I wanted to though!

I dusted off my juicer and completed the Raw till 4 5 day detox:


James and I had a lovely mini break to York:


I recorded a couple of vlogs about my experience completing the IIN course.

I shared two delicious summer salad recipes for the 500 calories under £5 summer shape up:

500 under £5 project

As well as a quick and easy recipe for Chinese 5 Spice Pork and a lovely Italian Tuna Bean Salad:

italian tuna bean salad

I had an absolute blast getting into hula hooping!

Photo 20-06-2013 16 47 37

I also did two community healthy eating demos, and loved it!




…well for half the week at least! July sees a major life change for me as I start working part time in my current job and part time with Uniquely Healthy. Since I set up Uniquely Healthy in August 2012, and really started to get it going from October 2012, I’ve been working evenings and weekends and basically whenever I can fit the time in. It’s been a brilliant adventure so far, and as much as I am scared of being so financially reliant on this work, I am very, very excited. I can work my part time hours in my job as a charity development manager flexibly across the week, and I am part renting my work office as well. As I’ve blogged about recently, I could not work for a better organisation or have better colleagues. The environment and energy in our office makes it a pleasure to get up in the morning! I’m sure other business owners will agree, I can still see myself still working every available hour, but when your ‘work’ is something you truly love, you really don’t mind.

This new phase of my life has also made me really think about my values and what I want to achieve. Success for me is not so much to do with money or financial wealth, but a whole lot more to do with being happy and experiencing as much joy as possible, as well as helping others and hopefully, putting something good out into the world. Well over a year ago I wrote a post about following your bliss, and here I am now making that happen.

A Love Note To Entrepreneurssource

My goals for July include…

  • Keep up the good thing I have going with my diet and exercise right now. I’m feeling so good at the moment!
  • Practise yoga twice a week
  • Buy a new hula hoop
  • Start writing another e guide or book
  • Start to develop some new community healthy eating projects
  • Tick at least one thing off my ‘fun things to do’ list

Since I finished the Raw till Door detox, I’ve fell into such a good groove with my eating and exercise. Since I made the decision to just work on maintaining my weight rather than losing or gaining, things have become a lot easier. I have found that I naturally eat very healthily during the week, then towards the end of the week and weekend, I enjoy more treats, and generally eat a little more. I think this is because I don’t have as much time to snack during the week, and because I meal plan to stay organised and save money. I tend to ‘wing it’ more at weekends and socialise, often enjoying more treats and on occasion, alcohol. So far, that seems to be balancing out well for me.

I’ve noticed that as I’ve been doing more hula hooping I have been forgetting about yoga, so I’d like to refocus on that. I’d also like to get a new hoop that is a bit more ‘me’ (i.e. colourful and sparkly!)

The Super Conscious Living Guide has been getting some great feedback from the guys who have been trialling it, so hopefully that will be available soon! I have so many ideas for books and guides I really want to sit down and start writing (and creating in the kitchen!) this month.

Ready for the next few months, I’d like to start developing some new community healthy eating projects to get my teeth stuck into as well.

I’d also like to tick something off my ‘fun things to do list’. As I was saying above, these last few months it’s been head down and working hard all of the time, which as I said, has still been enjoyable! However, there are loads of fun things I’d like to do that I just haven’t had time for, and starting now, I’m going to make time for them. I started keeping a list so I wouldn’t forget, but they are things like getting the Metro to Tynemouth and looking around the vintage market, going to the coast and having a picnic, getting a cupcake from the new bakery in town etc.

How was June for you? Do you have any goals for July? What’s on your ‘fun things I’d like to do’ list?

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