Well what a week it has been! I might as well start with this…

laura gok

I met Gok Wan again! Woo hoo! He even remembered me from last time bless him. I also met some other lovely bloggers at the Activia UK Feel Good From Within event at Westfield including Catherine, Danni and Tamsin. What was great this time round was that we got to have a proper chat to him. I have an interview almost an hour long to transcribe for you guys. I asked him a lot of questions and was really inspired by his answers as I think you will all be too, watch this space! I know I said it last time, but even more so now, I just love him! It was listening to what he said in response to my questions and seeing how he is with his fans, just a genuinely amazing guy. Big thanks to Activia for making it happen!

That little jaunt to the capital was also accompanied by frozen yoghurt:


Danni and I hit up Pinkberry at Westfield. As soon as I’d seen it I knew I couldn’t leave without trying it! I had some salted caramel with all the naughty toppings, then ended up having more later while chatting with Gok! Later, there were cocktails:


After a long time of online chatting with Sam and Lea, two of the editors of The High Tea Cast, (you can find all my articles for the site here) I finally had the chance to meet them in person. Love these girls, I really need to make plans for a longer London trip so I can see them again, although I think they’d be a bad influence on me, haha! ;-) Those were minty cookies and cream ice cream cocktails. I also had two stronger ones after that and was rather tipsy getting the train home, considering that all I’d eaten earlier was that froyo! I went a bit mental in M&S and Pret for train food:


I had that super hungriness that comes after a few drinks – harissa chicken salad, fruit salad, chocolate covered rice cakes, popcorn and a coffee.

I’m feeling totally wiped this morning, yesterday took it out of me, the central tube line was as hot as the pits of hell! I had about 3 outfits changes so I wasn’t a complete sweaty mess!

Other than all the excitement yesterday it’s been a fairly standard week, although not as much exercise as usual:

Workouts this week…

  • Weekend – rest
  • Monday – Gym – 10 mins cross trainer // squats + chest press // 10 mins step machine // single leg deadlifts + rows // 10 mins bike // shoulder presses, crunches, reverse curls
  • Tuesday –  some hula hooping, but really wasn’t feeling like a workout!
  • Wednesday – 10 mins cross trainer // lunges with bar, push ups // 10 mins step machine // deadlifts + lateral raise // 10 mins on bike
  • Thursday –  in London, so rest
  • Friday – tired, so rest!

On Tuesday I was just not feeling it at all. Usually I would have done a yoga workout but I was not feeling like it. I know myself well enough now that missing a few workouts when I’m either not feeling it (Tuesday), too busy (Thursday) or too tired (today) isn’t the end of the world. I’ll pick it up again at the weekend or next weekend so it’s no big deal, but I like the fact that I can have such a relaxed, balanced attitude to it, in contrast to how regimented I used to be with my exercise.

Eats have been a rotation of smoothies and salads mostly! I had some kale to use up and made a couple of delicious smoothies with it:


This was kale, frozen blueberries, chocolate sun warrior protein powder, cocoa powder, stevia, ice and almond milk topped with a few cacao nibs for crunch. I made a similar one with mixed frozen berries too.

I’ve also been having yoghurt bowls:


Nectarines with yoghurt and vanilla protein muffins. For dinner, we’ve been enjoying tandoori marinated and baked chicken with stir fried veggies…


…and simple omelettes with crispy courgettes and parmesan:


We’ve been trying to use up what we can from the cupboards before doing a big, and hopefully budget friendly, shop later today!

On the Love List…


I finally got round to subscribing to The Simple Things Magazine. I adore it! Packed with such beautifully designed features, photographs and recipes, it couldn’t be more up my street. Also…

a visit from a stunning butterfly in my office // my work colleagues being back from their hols // a special delivery arriving this morning! // emails with my best friend // my Mam and Dad’s wedding anniversary (and seeing pics of them on their wedding day looking so young!) // fresh locally caught salmon from my friends partner // emails from past Uniquely Healthy clients with exciting ideas for future services // getting the windows open in my office – they had been painted shut!

In case you missed it:

I’m planning a lazy weekend, I feel the need for one! Hopefully if the sun stays a bit longer I will have some time outside too :-) Any big plans for the weekend? What’s on your Love List this week? Have you read The Simple Things Magazine before?