Happy Friday! I know you will probably already be aware as it’s been mentioned everywhere in blogland, but now that Google Reader has bitten the dust, you can keep up to date with my posts on Bloglovin. Here I am, just click to follow!

As I was saying on Wednesday, this week has been a bit mixed. Most of it has been awesome, for example…


I won a giveaway over at Bruised Passports for all this gorgeous jewellery! The cuff is from Morocco, so beautiful. Big thanks to Savi and Vid! Make sure you check out their site if you enjoy travelling, it is wonderful and Savi is gorgeous, I love the outfits she posts!

I also got this special delivery from Popchips:


The new flavour I tried last week that tasted sweet and salty is in fact Katy’s Kettle corn. I can not wait to enjoy those packs, it tastes so good!

On Tuesday I was in hospital for a small procedure. I have mentioned that I’m having a number of tests done to investigate my amenorrhea situation further, and the test involved having some dye injected into my uterus and and x ray taken (an HSG) to check nothing is blocked. Holy hell it hurt! However, everything is working well and looking good down there, and I was fascinated being able to see my uterus and hip bones on the screen!

I was feeling a bit tender after that so workouts have been a lighter than usual:

  • Weekend – rest
  • Monday – Gym – 10 mins cross trainer // squats + chest press // 10 mins step machine // deadlift + rows // 10 mins bike // shoulder presses, crunches, reverse curls
  • Tuesday –  30 minute intermediate combination yoga video from Yoga Studio App
  • Wednesday – 30 minute Meta Fit style workout in the office with my colleagues
  • Thursday –  30 minute intermediate strength yoga video from Yoga Studio App
  • Friday – Gym – 10 mins bike // lunges with bar, push ups, lateral raises, mountain climbers // 10 mins step machine

I’m really loving the Yoga studio app this week! It’s brilliant, the videos are really clear and the sequences are quite relaxing, just what I need right now. I missed the usual gym workout on Wednesday and did another metafit style workout with the guys in the office. That day I had also taken my blender in and we all did a joint mini detox – I made us all smoothies through the day, a green smoothie, berry smoothie and a banana and date smoothie. When I got home I decided to have another smoothie so my digestion got a good rest:


This was kale, frozen cherries, chocolate sun warrior, raw cacao powder, almond milk, ice and topped with bee pollen and cacao nibs. Just perfect for a warm evening!

Other good eats this week include a light breakfast of a slice of home made protein bread with tahini and black cherry jam and a peach:


A harissa, hummus and chicken salad:


An omelette for a speedy dinner with roasted veggies and feta:


Some new snack bars:


These taste really good, I was quite surprised how chocolately they are! Full review coming soon. I’ve also been having lots and lots of iced coffee:


The cold brewed concentrate I made at the weekend has worked very well, these have been the best iced coffees ever!

On the Love List this week…

PicMonkey Collage

I don’t what to be always going on about Uniquely Healthy stuff, but I have to include this as it really made my week! I had the last session with one of my clients and she got me these super thoughtful gifts and card. Local coffee from Ouseburn, a Cath Kidson mug, Tea Pigs green tea, Montezumas chocolate and a limited edition printed illustrated book about tea and coffee. Every single thing so perfect for me. The fact that she has got so much out of the coaching as well is awesome :-) Also…

fig scented candles // strawberries // getting into my working at home groove // seeing my Grandma // raw chocolate hazelnut spread // finding new blogs to read // figuring out how best to organise my fave blogs on Bloglovin // organising my web browser favourites list // finishing up the design of the website for the charity I work for

In case you missed it:

How has your week been? What’s on your Love List? I hear it’s going to be a hot and sunny weekend round these parts, I could not be happier about that! I love smoothie weather, check out my recipes for inspiration! Any plans for enjoying the sun this weekend?