Hello lovely people, hope you are having the most fabulous of Sundays! The heat wave has been in full force up here, although this morning it’s a lot cooler and cloudier. I am hoping it will improve again as we are going to a BBQ!

I have to say this working part time for myself malarkey really came into it’s own on Friday. I had completed my to do list for the day and cleaned the flat so decided to spend the rest of the afternoon having some fun in the sun. I was picking James up from work so drove into Durham for a look around before he finished. The riverside was beautiful and I seriously can not remember it ever being so hot in Durham:


I decided to cool off in Starbucks:


Happiness right there. A tall coffee frappe and my iPad with new bluetooth key board, I wanted to start writing some notes on a few ideas I have bashing around my head right now!

After that I had a look in Topshop and managed to walk out without buying anything (even the gorgeous red strappy sandals in my size, that took some will power!). Then James finished and we came home. We had plans to meet a friend so I made us a quick snacky dinner:


Roast chicken (which I’d cooked on Thursday) with serrano ham, olives and cucumber.

I changed my top from a vest to a t-shirt, but I wished I hadn’t:

IMG_5129necklace: H&M, ring: vintage, stripy t-shirt: vero moda, belt: Topshop, shorts: charity shop, gold sandals: Next

I had been wearing a black vest but thought it might cool off as the night went on. How wrong I was.

Then it was off to Newcastle via the Metro Centre to return some trousers. I walked into Zara but it looked as if it had been looted so walked straight back out again.

We met up with our friend Nathan at Intermezzo. I love that place, and it’s especially good for the warm weather as it has outside seating and huge doors. I had a really gorgeous ‘Refresher’ juice:

PicMonkey Collage

This included apple, grape and ginger. I wish it had some ice in it though! I also had a sneaky americano.

Yesterday was another scorcher and when I woke up all I wanted for breakfast was this:


Followed by this:


Watermelon (shit loads of it!) and a home made frappe with cold brew coffee concentrate and raw milk. I had some raw milk in the freezer and decided to defrost it for this weekend. I used some of it to make these incredible ice lollies:


I just blended two juicy nectarines with 1 cup of raw milk and poured into the moulds. Absolutely yum!

Actual proper meals have included this summery salad:


With kidney beans, red onion, mango and avocado. Mango on salads – do it!

I also made some courgette ‘spaghetti’ with tomato and beef mince sauce topped off with some fresh basil and parmesan:


It was a toss up between this and beef burgers, but as I’m at a BBQ later I thought I’d go for this and it was good.

I did a qui
ck bit of baking:

PicMonkey Collage1

These came from a very random source of inspiration, I made some tweaks and they turned out wonderfully. I’ll be sharing the recipe for these blueberry muffins later this week hopefully.

I had a couple of them this morning for breakfast:


With cottage cheese, frozen blueberries and mango, very tasty.

Oooh, the sun is coming out again as I write this, yey! Yesterday my cousin Catherine came over and we sat out on the grass and played with her baby boy which was lovely. I also had some time sitting out relaxing at my back door as I went and bought a deck chair. Since this weather looks like it’s staying for a while I intend on enjoying it!

How do you like to enjoy sunny weather? Have you tried making any home made ice lollies? How good are you at resisting the sales?