This weekend has been one of contrasts. On Friday morning we had a funeral to attend. It was very sad, but without going into all the detail, there was so much beauty in it. Something about funerals make life feel more tangible, if that makes sense?

After that we spent some time pulling ourselves together and getting regrouped, and the rest of the weekend has been pretty awesome! This could sum up a lot of it:


Giant bowls of watermelon, sunshine, picnic blanket in the back garden and a good book!

This morning I really surprised myself big time:


I went for a run! Well more like a jog to be honest. I got up and it was such a beautiful morning I really wanted to go out and enjoy it. I had planned on just going for a walk in my vibrams (they simulate bear foot walking / running) but when I got out I started jogging a bit. I kept expecting to want to stop and walk but I didn’t. I ended up jogging the whole route, about 2 miles I think, and amazingly, I felt like I could have kept going no problem. At no point did it feel ‘hard’ – I  could not have been going any faster than 12 minute miles. Considering I haven’t ran in over a year, I was very shocked that I was able to run like that (in the vibrams too!) non stop for almost 25 minutes. Result! I know I need to keep an eye on the amount of intense exercise I do, but this felt great, and I can only imagine I would ever want to do this when the sun is shining ;-)

The other area of contrast this weekend has been with the eats. I’ve enjoyed letting my hair down with some ‘less healthy for my body’ foods but most certainly ‘healthy for my spirit’ foods! On Friday night we stayed at my parents to house sit for them. There was Pimms while watching the tennis:


Pimms has been all over Instagram this weekend, it is like English summer in a glass! There was also a takeaway courtesy of Just Eat, which I will blog more about soon. I don’t think that takeaways are inherently unhealthy, and even the ones that are can fit into an overall healthy approach. I went for Tandoori Chicken and some sides:


Oh boy was this good! Followed up with some strawberry ice cream, mini milk ice lollies and more Pimms it was a lovely treat.

The next morning we headed straight into Newcastle for breakfast:


I enjoyed every bite of that croissant! Dipped in my Americano it was heavenly. This was actually one of the things from my ‘fun things to do’ list. Having a coffee and pastry breakfast followed by a mooch about town was just so enjoyable. After that I was ready to get back on the healthy train – easily helped with some produce from the market:


Two massive pineapples, cauliflower, limes, strawberries, broccoli, lettuce, organic pouring yoghurt (from Waitrose) and leftover watermelon (from Sainsbury’s the day before). I’m not sorry to admit that in two day’s I ate an entire giant watermelon by myself. In fact as I write this I’m seriously considering a dash to the shops for another!

I’ve also been loving salads with hummus, harissa and chicken, and last night I made some of my favourite marinated grilled vegetables with strips of turkey:


I have a bit of an addiction to eating my veg like this at the moment. I’ll share the marinade and technique I use later in the week cause it is really good! Talking of addictions, I have developed another:


Protein Pow’s protein fluff. The texture is just incredible, like a mousse made with ice cream and the portion size is huge, which for a volume eater like me, is wonderful.

I have to leave you with one last luscious meal. This morning I put one of those pineapples to good use for breakfast after my jog:


I heated my griddle pan until it was searing hot, then added pieces of the fresh pineapple. It goes warm and caramelised, and served with the cool Greek yoghurt and a squeeze of lime juice it has the perfect hot / cold temperature contrast. Simple, healthy, delicious. Just the kind of food I love!

How has your weekend been? When was the last time you surprised yourself?