Today I have a guest post for you looking at how our style changes as we get older. This is something I can definitely relate to, I’m wondering what kind of things I’ll be wearing as I get older!


We all know that getting older means our priorities change. When it comes to our wardrobes, they can often go through drastic make-overs that will reflect these life changes. But, based on answers to a recent survey we sent out, it seems most of us are quite happy with the changes in our wardrobe and, perhaps most importantly, fully aware of these changes.

A resounding 82.30% of those asked admitted their wardrobe had changed post-30s. Whilst the survey didn’t go into the factors for the change there can be a number of reasons why we change our style focus.

Of the people asked in the survey, 69.54% were of the combined age groups between 51-70 years old.

The Age of Style

Different Priorities

When we get older and have children, perhaps take on more responsibility at work and generally take on more responsibility in life, other things become less important and spending time and money on clothes might be one such thing.

Yet, as the results of this survey demonstrate, we don’t necessarily sacrifice our desire for looking good and feeling good in our clothes, we just take heed of what works for us and our figure.

The Influence of Trends

It would appear that fashion trends lose their influence on many of us as we pass 30 years old. When asked to agree or disagree with a number of statements, 95.22% agreed that they buy clothes they liked regardless of current fashion trends.

Furthermore, 90.21% agreed that they buy clothes that are practical. This married up with the 37.39% who agreed that their style had changed post-30s to become more practical.

But, the word ‘practical’ in fashion terms has garnered something of a negative connotation. At Bonmarche we love our clothes to feel good as much as they look good. This is driven from a passion to give our customers choice and flexibility to find what they want. And one thing we don’t compromise on is quality.

What Influences Our Buying Habits

When asked about purchasing habits, the people surveyed rated quality and wearability as the key factors when purchasing an item. 82.86% always insisted on quality when purchasing clothes and 82.05% insisted on wearability.

What does wearability mean (and we’re aware we’ve kind of made that word up)? We consider it to be clothing that you can get plenty of wear out of – the kind of items that can easily be accessorised to create different styles.

It also means clothing that is comfortable, that you want to wear. So it comes as no surprise that so many people asked considered this to be of high importance.

Interestingly price wasn’t a key deciding factor as 45.30% said it was only sometimes they would let a price tag dictate what they bought. 

We Get More Practical As We Get Older

It’s nothing to be ashamed off, in fact it is something to celebrate. Bonmarche recently conducted a survey and 82.30% of respondents felt their style had changed post-30s. Of these, 37.39% felt their style had become more practical.

There are many potential contributing factors why we toned down the flamboyance for a more conservative look. Our bodies change a lot, we have different responsibilities in life and our priorities change too.

However, practical should never be substituted for dull. If anything it should be celebrated. It shows an appreciation of what looks good and an appreciation of what suits our features, body shape and personality. This was reflected by the 95.22% who said they buy clothes irrespective of trends.

Furthermore, when asked to agree or disagree 90.21% agreed that they now buy clothes that are more practical.

In a separate question, wearability and quality ranked high as deciding factors for what you look for when deciding on your next outfit.

So let’s celebrate practical. So many of us are already embracing it! 

Getting Practical about Style

Based on the findings of a recent Bonmarche survey, it seems style is something we grow into.

The majority of people who took part in the survey, that is over 80% of respondents, said their style has changed since their 30s to become more practical. Of course this is to be expected; as we grow our lifestyles change, our bodies change, our daily routines change and so it’s only natural we adapt our wardrobes to fit with our priorities.

Fear not though, growing older doesn’t mean we all become sartorially stagnant. While we develop our wardrobes to suit our daily responsibilities, we don’t have to lose touch with our individual sense of style. In fact, the survey found that, while trends do tend to become less important for us as we mature, quality is key. The results of the survey show that as we advance through life we opt for not just well made clothes but also great quality design that stands the test of time – that is, clothes with wearability.

It’s not about one off show pieces, it’s about versatility. We shop for modern classics that we can style up or down and always rely on to flatter our figures, whatever the occasion.

That sort of style wisdom is something we want at any age.


How does practicality and wearability come into your sense of style? Have you found practical clothes more attractive as you get older? 

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