Today I have a quick guest post with a few ideas for supporting you to deal with stress….



When you’re feeling stressed and strung out it can be all too easy to turn to medication to perk you up again, or calm you down. But sometimes, looking at the root causes of your stress can help you to find more natural solutions.

For many people, stress can be caused or exacerbated by a number of lifestyle factors, such as sleep, worrying and diet. Sleep is so important for feeling fully mentally healthy and in control of our lives, but the ironic bit is that when we’re feeling stressed, we don’t sleep as well, and then we become more stressed, creating a vicious cycle.

To aid good, restful sleep, make sure you have a ‘wind down’ time at least an hour before you go to bed. Avoid watching TV; instead run a bath and listen to relaxing music. Light some candles to create an even more calming atmosphere. Have a hot milky drink rather than alcohol and avoid eating late at night. Make your evening meal a light one and avoid anything heavy or spicy which is likely to sit on your stomach and disturb your sleep.

Having lots on your mind at night is common as it’s the one part of the day when you’re with your own thoughts. Talking through your concerns and problems can really help, and if you’re not sure exactly what it is that’s bugging you, talking to a psychic could be a useful solution, to help you get to the bottom of your problems.

Diet is another important factor in all areas of mental health, including stress. Eating a healthy and natural diet will help you feel better, giving you more energy to exercise, which is another great stress-buster. And exercising regularly will also improve your sleep patterns, so all of these healthy lifestyle factors link into one another and should help you feel less stressed very quickly.   

*collaborative post with The Circle
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