Morning all, it feels like summer has got up and gone here in the North East this morning! It’s been a rainy weekend, but that has actually been quite nice for a change. We enjoyed coffee in Newcastle yesterday morning while we sheltered from the down pour:


James and I spent ages talking about our plans for Berlin next week, we are so excited! We went to get our Euros sorted and then had a look round the shops and market. So many good deals on fruit and veg at the moment including these beautiful cherries:


I also got a big bag of figs, but more on those in a moment! 

I had a look around the big Vintage Fair, but I was a little disappointed and didn’t see much I liked at all. I bought a dress for £7.50 but when I got home found a big hole in it, glad I’m good with a needle and thread! We didn’t stay long as we were both feeling slightly worse for wear after sharing a bottle of red on Friday night:

IMG 5926

Along with some delicious ginger chocolate! On Friday evening I made made some beef and liver meatballs and had the leftovers on top of a salad for lunch yesterday:


Unfortunately moments after taking that pic, I managed to flip the bowl face down on to the counter and crack it in half. Gutted! I love that big bowl. This morning I also managed to shatter a glass. James has told me I need to stay away from anything breakable for the rest of the weekend!

For snacks, I’ve been back on a yoghurt kick:

IMG 5921

I love mixing it with frozen blueberries, almond butter and honey. I’ve also enjoyed green smoothies:


I was at the farm shop late last week and picked up a giant bag of organic chard. I blended that up with a frozen banana and some vanilla protein powder plus unsweetened almond milk and extra ice then topped with raisins, goji berries, coconut shreds and tahini. 

Speaking of tahini, I’m just addicted to it at the moment. I love the fig and tahini combination, so when I found those cheap, fat juicy figs at the market yesterday I had to combine the two:


I made one of my grain free coconut flour wraps and spread it with tahini then topped with a sliced fig and some fresh basil. That made such a perfect breakfast! 

As rainy days just make me want to bake, I also whipped up an experimental creation. I’m going to share the recipe tomorrow, but here is a sneak preview:


Even if you don’t like figs, be sure to come back tomorrow to check out the recipe for this grain and refined sugar free light and healthy dessert – you can use any of your favourite fruits in this recipe!

It’s quite a packed week coming up on the blog, I really hope you enjoy the posts to come. If you are in the UK do you have any plans for the bank holiday tomorrow? I think we are due some brighter weather, one last summers day would be nice! Do you ever have a period of breaking and smashing things? I’m hoping that my case of the dropsies has gone now Hope you have a great week ahead!

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