Yesterday I needed to go and buy some eggs (for making a recipe I’ll be posting next week, it’s a really good one believe me!) so I thought I’d might as well jog to the shops then walk back. I was already wearing my funky leggings so just stuck my pink hoody on top:

IMG 0748

With my phone and keys in hand and a fiver stuffed down my bra, I think I might have looked an odd sight!

Along with a bit of hula hooping in the living room and my gym sessions, that has been my exercise for the week:

Workouts this week…

  • Weekend – Rest
  • Monday – 30 minutes light cardio (cross trainer, step machine, bike)
  • Tuesday – Rest
  • Wednesday – Gym – I did the Men’s Fitness Dumbbell workout again
  • Thursday – hula hooping and 5 minute jog to shops
  • Friday – Gym – Men’s Fitness Dumbbell workout 
As I was saying on Wednesday I started the week feeling rather worse for wear, but I quickly recovered and I’m feeling all good again. I’m still watching what I eat and keeping clear of processed food and sugar for the moment, but I was reunited with coffee yesterday. I can’t say I noticed any withdrawals from it after 4 days, and as it’s something I simply enjoy it was good to have that morning cup!
Earlier in the week I was looking for a different pre gym snack instead of my chococo protein balls and recalled something I’d read on Kimberly Synders blog about her eating coconut oil topped with bee pollen for energy. I thought that sounded delicious so gave it a try:
IMG 5827
I adore bee pollen (click that link for more info on it) and coconut oil and it digested well, thumbs up from me! I also had some sprinkled on top of a smoothie:
This was spinach, mixed frozen berries, a scoop of a brand new superfood blend soon to be reviewed, maca, ground seeds and water. The frozen berries made it very thick and creamy.
Yesterday I made a really tasty salad for lunch:
IMG 5844
This included lettuce, carrots, cucumber, red onion, chickpeas and a few sliced olives. I would have added a few roasted red peppers but couldn’t get the lid off the jar!
I also loved this apple and cinnamon scramble I had for breakfast:
IMG 5837
Topped with peanut butter, can’t get much better than that!
On the Love List this week…
I bought this bag from Warehouse at the weekend with some of my birthday money. It was reduced from £30 to £15 and I did have my eye on it at full price so I think that’s a decent bargain. Just as I was saying in yesterday’s post, I am rather particular when it comes to bags that fit all my junk in, and this one is spot on. Plus, it’s stripy, enough said! Also…
Finishing up a funding application for a new community project, got my fingers crossed it will be successful! // making lots of progress with a few projects I have in the pipeline // James just being James when I’ve needed him  // making home made yoghurt for the first time (more to come soon on that!) // red nails // only 3 weeks till we go to Berlin! // coconut oil in smoothies // reiki from my two work colleagues
In case you missed it:
It’s looking like it’s going to be a chilled weekend in these parts, I’m ready for some time to un wind after last weekend! It’s also been a bit cooler this week, some days it has almost started to feel a little autumnal, but fingers crossed the summer isn’t quite done with us yet! How has your week been? What’s on your Love List? Have you come across bee pollen before?