On Friday night I thought I would make James and I some Mexican food…


Inspired by Shutterbean, I made Mexican bowls with lettuce, taco seasoned minced beef, kidney beans cooked down with red pepper, red onion and chilli powder, mild salsa, plain tortilla chips and greek yoghurt. Oh my word it was the best thing I’ve eaten in ages! Utterly delicious. If you like spicy Mexican flavours give this healthier version a try!

Yesterday was a quite a rainy day so my chickpea and chorizo stew with kale made a perfect comfort food dinner:

IMG 5880

Earlier, we had went to meet my Mam and Dad (with my nephews too) for a coffee:

IMG 5854Floral shell top: New Look, gold chain necklace: Warehouse, studded black jeans: New Look, tan leather belt: vintage, tan leather sandals: New Look

Blimey I wasn’t kidding when I said I loved New Look the other day was I? I even ended up hitting the place again for some sale shopping!


I got a linen blend grey t-shirt (not sale but only £8.99) a pretty tea dress and some statement necklaces from Topshop. 

Other than popping out for shopping and coffee it has been a gloriously chilled out weekend. I’ve made some yoghurt and I’ve got black beans in the slow cooker, love pottering in the kitchen! I’m also feeling the urge to bake something later, maybe a special treat for James seeing as tomorrow is our 5 year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe I’ve been married so long. We got married in Sorrento Italy a little over a year after we got engaged in Paris. We had an intimate wedding with only a few guests, then a huge party when we got back. I’ll let a few photos do the talking…

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It’s kind of strange to look back at those photographs. I’ve changed so much in 5 years, not just the obvious physical changes, but in so many other ways as well. Throughout it all, James has been amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive husband or friend. Like all couples, sometimes we argue, sometimes he drives me up the wall ;-) but we do have an incredible relationship. It’s definitely a partnership and I think one of the reasons why it works so well is that we have enough things in common, yet the right amount of differences to make things interesting! Plus, we love each other to bits, and still have those romantic moments. I think the fact that we have changed together has been key in our relationship being stronger than ever. 

As I was saying, the wedding itself was amazing and although I was clearly a lot bigger then than I am now (I’m one of the rare people that lost weight after they got married!) I don’t look at the pics and feel any regret. I do sometimes think about doing it all over again though, not the wedding part but the dress and the party. Pinterest and Rock n Roll Bride have a lot to answer for! 

Yep, I definitely think I could do it all over again with a vintage theme, tattoos and all! If you are married, tell me about your wedding. Would you do anything differently? If money were no object, what would be your dream wedding?


 photo greenfb_zps43614d81.png photo greentwit_zps439f43de.png photo greeninsta_edited-1_zpsa62b54b7.png photo greenpin_zps9b9921b9.png photo greenrss_zpsb71630f6.png photo greenyoutube_edited-1_zps741514fc.png photo greentumb_zps8c4ce466.png