Thursdays are fast becoming my favourite day of the week. As I’m now working part time in my normal job and part time for myself, Thursdays are becoming my ‘let’s get stuff done’ days. Yesterday I’d answered 20 emails, responded to blog comments and cleaned and tidied the flat all before 10am! Then I was able to sit at my desk and do some work:


I like to light my fig scented candle, stick Spotify on and listen to some new music while I crack on with a mug of green tea at my side! 

It has been a strange week at times though, as much as I started the week feeling good, I’ve started to experience some very weird urges to binge. I’ve just about managed to keep them under control, but I have ate more than usual. I think part of it is coming up to my birthday and being in that ‘treat yo self’ frame of mind, and I’ve been craving chocolate like crazy. I actually picked up a jar of Nutella in Tesco but put it back on the shelf. For where I am at the moment, there’s nothing wrong with eating a little more occasionally, it’s just that urge to keep on eating past a place of fullness that I need to keep in check. So far so good, I did manage to only eat a bit of this amazing chocolate rather than the whole bar!


My Mam and Dad brought me this chocolate back from their holiday, it tastes amazing with those pieces of dried fruit embedded in it!

Other than my staple smoothies and salads I’ve been having home made burgers for dinner:


With sweet potato, broccoli and of course, some ketchup. Rewinding right back to Sunday, I made James and I bangers and mash:


These sausages were from a farm shop in the Durham Dales where the farmer makes them himself. They were incredible, hardly any fat came off them while they cooked. The mash was made with cauliflower blended with butter and almond milk, I still love that version more than mashed potato!

Randomly I found myself fancying some porridge for breakfast. I made up a bowl with half a cup of oats, 1/2 cup of liquid egg whites and water, then topped with 3 sliced plums, yoghurt and honey:


I think I’d forgotten how good porridge can be! I loved the mix of the warm porridge and cool creamy yoghurt.

Workouts this week…

  • Saturday – yoga at Durham Cathedral
  • Sunday – Rest
  • Monday – this dumbbell workout from Men’s Fitness (with some cardio warm up and cool down on the cross trainer and step machine)
  • Tuesday – these two workouts from Blogilates via You Tube and Hula Hooping
  • Wednesday – 10 minutes each on rowing machine, step machine, bike and cross trainer followed by push ups and single leg squats
  • Thursday – 15 minutes of yoga (I was feeling sore, tired and bloated and this really sorted me out!)
  • Friday – repeat of the dumbbell workout from Men’s Fitness  (with some cardio warm up and cool down on the cross trainer and step machine)

I really did feel that dumbbell workout, I was still aching 2 days later, hence why I didn’t do it again on Wednesday. I don’t think it particularly matters whether a workout is designed for men or women, in fact I think you can find some much better workouts on websites aimed at men rather than some of the women’s ones! I just used the weights that challenged me, and I certainly felt that it was effective. Here’s me rocking the pink girly gym gear while pretending to be all tough ;-)



I’m actually really not minding my body at all at the moment. I’ve been pretty much this shape and size for several months now, and although I am feeling a bit bloated from eating more this week, I know that how I feel about my body is generally correlated to how well I’m eating, so once I get back to normal, I’ll be feeling great again :-)

On the Love List…


I’ve been making the most delicious iced coffee with coconut water (ZICO kindly provided for review). I make my cold brew coffee like this, and then instead of topping up with water I use coconut water followed by unsweetened almond milk. It tastes so refreshing and I find that coconut water has a natural sweetness and chocolatey tones that work really well with the coffee. Also…

Booking our holiday to Berlin! // watermelon // general happiness and excitement for my birthday // my new tattoo healing nicely // the new moon in Leo being good for creative ventures // nakd bars instead of cream cakes at my mini birthday tea party with the girls at work // making plans for Newcastle Gateshead EAT Festival

In case you missed it:

Well I am just about to head off to go and get my hair cut! As I was saying last week I’m a little nervous about it, but we shall see what I end up with! I’m really looking forward to this evening, James and I are off out celebrating my birthday with a meal and some cocktails, then I have a nice day planned tomorrow for my birthday itself. I can’t believe I’m about to be 31! At the risk of sounding like an old woman, last year feels like it was just yesterday! I wish I could live that fancy dress party all over again.

What’s on your Love List? What day of the week is your favourite? Have you ever done a ‘men’s’ workout? 


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