Firstly, a few little technical updates for you! I apologise to anyone trying to view the blog on Friday, it appears that several hosts went down so quite a few sites were unavailable. It’s been a double whammy for me as I have also been in the process of changing hosts. As part of that whole process it looks like some comments have gone missing, therefore I’m keeping the Paleo cookbook GIVEAWAY open for another two days. If you did enter, please take a quick look and see if you can see your comment. if not then leave another one! My emails have also been down, and I’m still experiencing some technical glitches, so huge apologies and thanks for bearing with me.

Urgh, I hate technical problems! 

Other than having to try and sort all that out, this weekend has been lovely. On Friday I went and got my new tattoos!

IMG 5562

I knew I wanted a mandala design and I had seen a few ideas which the amazingly talented and very lovely Abbie Williams turned into these beauties. They are everything I wanted and more, especially the colour! I was tattooed at Cock-a-Snook in Newcastle and I would highly recommend both Abbie and the studio for anyone looking to get tattooed. It definitely won’t be the last tattoo I get from Abbie! These are on the back of my calves which was a bit of a tender spot but I coped!

Then yesterday morning I was up bright and early to go to a very special yoga session:


As part of the return of the Lindisfarne Gospels to Durham celebrations they were holding some outdoor yoga sessions right in front of Durham Cathedral. Without a doubt the most beautiful yoga experience ever, hearing the words ‘breathe out and look towards the Cathedral…breathe in and look towards the Castle’ was pretty epic and just brought home what an amazing place I was in! 

After that I treated myself to an iced coffee on the way home:

IMG 5588

Then a tasty breakfast:

IMG 5578

I bought some random mascapone cream cheese the other day and decided to try some with strawberries, a peach and honey. It was gorgeous!

Then I got ready to go out and see friends and family:

IMG 5597Floral blazer: Next (sale), gold necklace: Warehouse, gold dual ring: Miss Selfridge, black button up vest: eBay, tan leather belt: Topshop, shorts: charity shop, tan leather sandals: New Look

I met up with my Mam, Dad and nephews at the park while they were having a picnic and then went and saw my best friends. My friend Kate had bought me a sweet treat:

IMG 5619

A strawberries and cream topped meringue, yum!

After that I was in a kind of snacky mood all day, I made a green smoothie:

IMG 5620

I had the container from the iced coffee on the bench so thought I’d save the dishes! I also snacked on some hummus chips (love these!):

IMG 5623

Another snack from this weekend was a big ripe banana topped with tahini, cacao nibs, coconut shreds and a little sprinkle of pink salt:

IMG 5592

Wowza that was so tasty, will definitely be making that again! I did manage to eat some actual meals this weekend, this turkey salad with olives was really good:

IMG 5627

I felt a lot less snacky after enjoying that, a big bowl of veggies was just what I needed! I’d fried the turkey with Italian herbs and balsamic vinegar, super tasty!

Breakfast this morning was a good un too:

IMG 5629

A coconut flour wrap with mashed avocado, honey, sea salt and bee pollen, my fave!

How has your weekend been so far? Have you ever practiced yoga outdoors? What is the most beautiful location you have exercised in?