I knew that August would be a good month and it has certainly delivered for me! I know we still have a couple of days left, but once the bank holiday is done, I start looking forward to September and the autumn.

As much as I’ve been having a lot of fun, it’s been head down and working hard too. I’ve spent a lot of time at my desk with my scented candles on the go – for some strange reason they help me concentrate and get in the ‘zone’.

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I started the month off with some new tattoos:

IMG 5562

They have healed up well and I love them more than ever!

I also celebrated my 31st Birthday with cupcakes and cocktails:  

IMG 5724

I posted some lovely new recipes:


I talked about how things are with me at the moment and how I’ve been feeling about my body in Your Body, Your Rules.

There have been a few things I’ve struggled with. Up until last week I was not eating in a way that was best for my body – I think all the celebrations I had with my birthday and our wedding anniversary knocked me a little off kilter. I also found that I experienced some very nasty effects when I ate too much sugar, and I’ve been experiencing some cravings as well. I’ve also noticed that my immune system isn’t as strong as usual, all things I’d like to check in on next month. My focus on budgeting went out the window too, and it has not been a thrifty month at all!

As I said at the start I have been working hard, the results of which I hope you will start seeing here over the next few days and weeks!



I LOVE September! I enjoy each time of year for what their seasons bring, but the autumn months are always my favourite. It might be that back to school / new term thing, but September feels like a bit of a fresh start within the year too. Bring on those bright frosty mornings, jumpers and scarves, pumpkin and squash and cosy nights in. I can’t wait! But first, there’s a little gaunt off to Berlin. In just a few days we’ll be getting to know another European city, and from what I’ve heard Berlin is going to rock!

Linked to that fresh start feeling are a few changes coming up here on the blog! I’m really excited at what I have in store over the next few days and weeks, including the launch of the Super Conscious Living Programme and a new free resources section over at Uniquely Healthy. You should be seeing a refreshed look coming up soon too!

Goals for September

  • Have a great time in Berlin!
  • Get back to basics with my budgeting again, and focus on living more simply
  • Re find my happy balance with eating
  • Do more yoga!
  • Get all the updates for the blog and Uniquely Healthy sorted
  • Eat lots of squash and pumpkin!
  • Start cross stitching

More on the cross stitching coming up soon!

How was August for you? What do you have planned for September? 

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