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Welcome to the new look KHGS! What do you think? I’ve been working away on this fresh look all weekend, it’s actually been quite fun! The wonderful new strawberry design was done by the lovely and incredibly talented illustrator Lauren Radley, please check out her work! I think this is the fourth incarnation of the blog in just over 3.5 years. It’s interesting to see how it’s changed as I have. I’m quite proud of how the site looks, I knew my art and design degree would come in useful one day! I thought that this is definitely the time of year to make a few positive changes!

So what’s new around here?

I’ve updated all my pages including my About page, Contact, Sponsorship and Ads, Press and PR and the Shop. You’ll find links in the side bar to my recipe page and other useful stuff.


I’ve also tarted up Uniquely Healthy! As I’ve been saying, there’s no longer a blog over there, but there is a brand new section full of downloadable freebies including example meal plans, a printable meal planning tool and several fact sheets. I’m going to be adding new content there each month, all for free! 

Existing subscribers to the newsletter will also be getting a nice little gift in their inboxes in the morning, my Alternative Healthy Living Manifesto!

Manifesto pdf page 1 of 11

If you sign up to the newsletter you will be able to get it. It’s a bit nerve wracking putting it out there, as I really did write it from the heart and it’s very much me and my opinionated self! Very interested to see what you guys think.

Last but not least, the Super Conscious Living Experiment will be available for sale very soon! Here’s a sneak preview of what one of the lovely trial participants had to say about it:



So keep your eyes open for that! I’m so excited to be able to share it, especially as it has been put through it’s paces by several people who have trialled it. It is ace!

This is my last post before we head off to Berlin. I’m even more excited about going as I shall be seeing the gorgeous Christina and Claire while I’m there! I have a few posts scheduled for next week, so I will definitely be popping in and saying hello in the comments! Hope you all have a wonderful week, and if you’d like to see how I get on in Berlin, no doubt I’ll be Facebooking, Twittering and Instagramming it!

So what do you think of the new design?

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