You know those weeks when you just never seem to stop? Well I’ve had one of those weeks. I think before I go on holiday I try and get loads done and see lots of people. I have been rather proud of myself though, recently when I’ve been going on holiday I’ve fallen into the trap of getting a bit lax with exercising and keeping up healthy habits. However this week I knew I wanted to go on holiday feeling my best, so as much as I’ve been busy, I’ve made healthy habits a priority. 

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Workouts this week…

  • Weekend: Rest
  • Monday: Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown Level 1 from You Tube // hula hooping
  • Tuesday: Gym – 20 minutes cardio, 15 minutes random strength exercises using dumbbells and barbell
  • Wednesday: Gym – 20 minutes cardio, 15 minutes random strength exercises on machines
  • Thursday: 10 minute jog // 5 minutes yoga
  • Friday: Gym – 30 minutes cardio, 15 minutes random strength exercises using dumbbells and barbell

Yesterday morning I had planned to do a You Tube video but I just wasn’t feeling it so I popped on the Vibrams and jogged twice round the block, then came home and did a few sun salutations. Sometimes just a really quick bit of exercise is all it takes to make you feel good! I find that focusing on how good you will feel after working out and thinking about all the positive results of your healthy habits is a useful motivator to keep you doing them even when you get busy and are starting to slip into holiday mode!

I have also been eating pretty well considering the time I’ve had. This meal that I made earlier in the week was utterly gorgeous:


I sautéed some red onion and chard with some lentils from a carton then added a sliced peach and splash of balsamic and topped with organic goats cheese. Really, really good. I might even blog this as a proper recipe, so quick, easy and tasty!

Peaches have been featuring in breakfast too:


I made some coconut flour pancakes with fried peaches and almond butter. Frying the peaches makes them so sweet!

On Wednesday I made a vanilla cheesecake green smoothie:

IMG 5992

I blended spinach, vanilla protein powder, cottage cheese and unsweetened almond milk. I love the slight sweet and salty taste you get by blending in the cottage cheese, plus it goes super thick and creamy!

When I was looking back at my review post, I remembered that I had an ilumi meal in the cupboard to make a nice quick dinner:


I had the lamb casserole with some roasted cauliflower and spinach and it was lovely and filling!

Yesterday while I was working at home I thought I’d have a treat snack of raw chocolate and a cinder toffee almond milk latte:


I adore those Om bars! 

On the Love List this week...

Photo  9

My best friend emailed this to me the other day, I thought it was really nice to read. Also…

Making tea at a tea blending workshop! More on that next week // the new sports nutrition Nutribox with 35% off // 17 pieces of business advice from Ash at the Middle Finger Project // seeing the start of autumn with a few golden leaves on the grass // listening to Robyn // some really great sessions with Uniquely Healthy clients  

In case you missed it:

Ah only 3 days till we go to Berlin, so excited! Before we go I do have quite a packed weekend including some major updates here on the blog, I can’t wait for you all to see the new header :-)

How has the last week of August been for you? Do you struggle to keep up healthy habits when things get busier? 

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