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One of my fave things to do when I’m visiting a new place is a little bit of shopping. Berlin was certainly no exception, as well as shops familiar to us in the UK like H&M and Mango, there were other European stores, and ones that I think might be in the UK but haven’t made their way up to the North East like Vero Moda. In areas of Mitte, there were lots of little independent shops that are my favourite. I didn’t want to go daft with spending, so I set myself a budget (we also had a daily budget for food, beer and coffee!) and I came home with euros to spare. The dress pictured above is from Made in Berlin, a vintage shop in Mitte. You know I love my vintage dresses, so I was chuffed to bits to find this!

I also had a few things in mind to look for, so I could update my wardrobe ready for autumn, yey! I got these slim fit jeans from Mango:


I’m thinking they will be good for wearing with knee length boots. I also got these trousers from Vero Moda:


I love the colour of them! Also from Vero Moda was this scarf:


I thought it was really pretty and the colours quite autumnal too. 

Obviously food was on the agenda (let’s face it, when is it not!) and I was not disappointed by the choice, especially in the Bio Company stores (like mini Whole Foods). I was fairly restrained by my standards:


I got a few bars of the Ritter chocolate which I love. I also picked up some extra dark organic chocolate and some pumpernickel bread. I was on the look out for nut butter and there was a great selection of Rapunzel brand. I decided to get the 4 nut blend:


I’ve had a try of this and the texture is gorgeous, very creamy! I also spotted some of the Speculoos cookie butter spread at the airport on the way home. You might notice that I’ve already eaten rather a large amount of it, incredible stuff! Not healthy in the slightest, but so delicious! Funnily enough, I bought this then went to Sainsburys at the weekend and noticed that they now sell the Lotus biscuit spread which is very similar and also vegan. I’m going to have to lock it away or something to stop me inhaling the rest of the jar in one night!

Do you like to shop on holiday? What has been the best foodie buy you’ve ever purchased in another country? Have you bought any autumn wardrobe updates yet?