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Intrigued by that blog post title? I know that sounds utterly random but bear with me! One of my major issues before I lost weight was boredom eating. You know the drill, you have dinner, maybe even a little desert, but as soon as you sit in front of the TV you get that ‘snacky’ feeling. You trot off to the kitchen and start rustling through the cupboards in search of food. Then you plonk yourself down on the sofa, eat the snacks, and more often than not, you pop back off for more. Cue food baby and feeling of guilt for mindlessly snacking. Sound familiar to anyone?

Recently that habit has started to make a reappearance for me. While I was actively gaining weight, I just went with it because the added calories and nutrients were what my body needed at that time. Now I’ve reached a good place with my weight, I need to re address that habit so that it does not become an issue again.

Before I get into how to start overcoming that, I do think it’s important to highlight that sometimes I actually really enjoy lying on the sofa with James watching a movie eating snacks. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing that some times. However, when you find it’s happening on week day evenings while watching Supernatural (I can’t decide between Dean and Cas for who I fancy most ;-) then maybe it’s time to keep it in check.

What I have discovered about myself is that I can’t just sit in front of the TV and watch it. For some reason I have to be doing something else and that is why snacking is such an attractive habit. I wanted to find something I could do to keep my hands busy, that was relaxing and if at all possible, also productive.

That’s when I decided I would start cross stitching again! Cross stitch and embroidery hold a very dear place in my heart as they were something I learned from my Nana and Grandma. Although, I can’t imagine them doing these cross stitch patterns…


PyroDogPins on Etsy ‘Here comes the fuzz’ design

SatsumaStreet on Etsy Pretty Little Paris Design

AliciaWatkins on Etsy Taken Sampler

plasticlittlecovers on Etsy David Bowie told me to do it in a dream design

plasticlittlecovers on Etsy Swallow and Anchor Tattoo design

I just had to share those designs, LOVE the Taken one, that made me laugh my head off! I’ve ended up getting something a little more traditional, this LOVE design.

I know that I’ve focused on cross stitch here, but all sort of crafts would work such as knitting, crotchet etc.

I also find that identifying the situation and habit that the snacking takes place in, and changing it, can help. For example I used to snack like crazy on a Saturday night, usually when James was out with his friends and I was home alone. When that happens now, I make specific plans to do something, either out or at home, that does not involve being sat in front of a screen, so that I don’t slip into that bored state and go back to snacking.

Also be aware that there is a difference between boredom eating and emotional eating and you do need to ask yourself if it is really just boredom eating you are experiencing. I believe that with emotional eating it’s totally worth the time and effort to get to the bottom of it and address the cause (what might be making you feel down or upset) rather than trying to just address the symptom (the snacking or over eating).

Can you relate to boredom snacking and eating? Are you much of a crafter? Have you done cross stitch before?

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