Hello again everyone! It’s good to be back, but I am missing Berlin. It seems that we just started to feel like we were getting to know the place before we had to come back. It really is an amazing city, and definitely lived up to its reputation as a quirky cultural destination. We spent 4 days trying to soak up as much of Berlin as possible, here is what we got up to!

We managed to see most of the main sites including the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and Alexanderplatz, as well as various other museum buildings and cathedrals…

Berlin sites jpg

We also walked along to the East Side Gallery, went round the Museum of German History and walked through the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe:

Berlin culture jpg

My favourite area of the city was Mitte and Hackescher Markt and it’s little shopping streets, coffee shops and cafes as well as the big shops down at Postdamer Platz. The amazing street art is everywhere!

IMG 6043

One of my favourite things we did was use the vintage Photo Booth at Check Point Charlie:

IMG 6085IMG 6086

So much fun!

I have to start by saying I was not a particularly healthy eater on this trip. I could have found better options if I had wanted to, but rather than wasting time searching for a salad, I wanted to just enjoy myself, although I did find a place that did green smoothies to keep me going! I knew that Berlin has a good coffee scene, so we checked out some coffee shops and cafes:

Berlin coffee jpg

The highlights were The Barn, West Berlin and Pure Origins. I had my latte with an accompanying vegan raspberry scone which was incredible! Breakfast seemed to be a pretty big deal in Berlin, which of course I am fully on board with. We often had coffee with a bircher muesli pot and some kind of baked treat to share:
IMG 6038
IMG 6070
James also had a traditional style German breakfast so I would pinch the pumpernickel bread and have that along with my yoghurt. One day I picked up a pretzel at a market:
IMG 6067
I also ate rather a lot of ice cream and froyo!
The salted caramel Haagen Dazs was utterly gorgeous. I found a great froyo place that we went back to a couple of times called Wonderpots:
Wonderpots jpg
I loved the interior of the shop and the froyo was some of the best I’ve ever had.
Of course, no trip to Berlin would be complete without Currywurst and beer! 
IMG 6032
IMG 6047

My preference was for the dark black German beer, I surprised myself by drinking a couple of 0.5ltr glasses. The Currywurst was ok, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to have it again to be honest!

Wonderfully, our trip corresponded with trips to the city by my lovely fellow blogger friend Christina and new blogger friend Claire! We joined Christina and her partner Trout for burritos at Dolores. OMG they were incredible! I realised too late that we had been too busy talking to take any pics, but they were massive and so delicious! It was really great to see Christina again, looking forward to seeing her again in Brighton soon!

It was also a delight to meet up with Claire!

IMG 6041

We grabbed a coffee at one of the many Bio Company stores in the city. I bought a couple of foodie treats, but more on that to come.

Then before we knew it, we were flying home!

IMG 6096

It was such a great trip, I can’t wait to go back again! We stayed at the NH Berlin Mitte which I can not recommend enough, although when we go back I’d probably stay in a different area. If you are like me and like quirky shops, cafes and coffee shops check out the streets between Oranienburgerstrasse, Torstrasse and Karl-Libenknecht Strasse and take a look at the fab Still In Berlin blog, in fact just do a search for Berlin blogs as there are some wonderful ones. Bruised Passports also has a couple of great posts on Berlin, and thanks again to the lovely readers that shared their recommendations!  We choose to do everything on foot, and seriously, we must have walked over 10 miles a day easily. I have blistered feet! It was worth it to see the city in that way, and of course keeping active meant I could fuel myself with pastries ;-) 
I found the city really interesting, German history is pretty mind blowing and to see what has happened in Berlin over the years is quite something. If you like history, coffee, shopping, street art, beer and sausages then Berlin is for you!
Have you been to Berlin? What did you think of the city? If not, would you be tempted to visit?

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