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I’ve been getting creative this weekend! Since we came back from Berlin, I’ve wanted to make some travel keepsake art work for our living room. Yesterday I picked up three basic black A4 frames from Asda (£3 each) and created collages for some of our favourite travel destinations.


I added a sheet of patterned craft paper behind the card frame and then stuck on a selection of items from each of our travels, such as ticket stubs, postcards, receipts, photos and maps.


We picked Paris which we have visited twice, and where we got engaged (and saw James fave band Aerosmith), NYC where we honey mooned, and then Berlin of course!


I’m so happy with how these turned out! 


Other than making those it’s been a very quiet weekend. I had intended to go to the Festival of Thrift, but my friend who was going to come with me was poorly and then on Saturday morning I had a strange incident after breakfast where my skin came out in red blotches, my face went swollen and I started burning up! Very strange, especially as I hadn’t eaten anything out of the ordinary. It was definitely like an allergic reaction so I’m going to have to keep an eye on that.


I treated myself to some of this amazing raw chocolate as an afternoon snack. I’ve been sent this for review purposes, it is gorgeous! As the weather hasn’t been too chilly, I went for a smoothie for breakfast:


A pumpkin smoothie topped with nut butter and cranberries, my fave! 

I’ve been continuing my love affair with spicy foods, I found a jar of smoked chilli jam in the cupboard and used it as a dressing for a chicken salad:


And mixed in with the lentils in the gorgeous halloumi, lentil, roasted red pepper and broccoli warm salad:


Another spicy meal was some Turkey Taco Chilli with turmeric cauliflower rice and avocado:


I’ll be sharing that recipe soon. Simple, healthy and delicious, my kind of food!

Do you enjoy weekend creative projects? Do you collect keep sakes when you travel? 

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