When I posted my last ‘wordy’ post, a few commenters made some excellent points about how we talk about body shape and connect that to our woman hood. In what I see as a back lash against the main stream focus on slim shapes, ‘curvy’ has become the antithesis of that. Women are proud to be curvy and so they damn well should! However, what seems to happen sometimes is that the curvy love is accompanied by statements such as ‘real women have curves’ and ‘who would want to be a bag of bones’ etc etc… 

As I’ve written in my manifesto (just sign up for my newsletter to get it for free!) I think we need to be so careful about the language we use. I’m curvy and proud, but no more a real woman than a one who is slender. We are all real women. Size does not define our womanhood and body bashing someone that is different to us to make us feel better is not good. 

Us lovely women come in all shapes and sizes naturally. I’m not against thinnest if that is a women’s natural shape. If she has to starve herself and exercise to a ridiculous extent to be ‘thin’ then that is not natural and that would be worrying to me, especially if that is all just so she can feel desirable in today’s society. But even if she was doing that, I don’t think that commenting on someones body negatively is ok. 

I’ve experienced both sides of this. When I was bigger I was called a ‘fat cow’ and when I was thin I was a ‘skinny bitch’. Sometimes you just can’t win.

Now, I choose not to play the game in the first place ;-)

As I say in the manifesto, own your natural body shape and celebrate it with an appreciation for the wonderful diversity of natural healthy body shapes out there!

What are your thoughts on this? Have you experienced body bashing? 

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