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It’s been a beautiful weekend in these parts, lovely sunshine and the signs of autumn on the ground, and in my cup…

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A Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte! I decided to treat myself to one on Friday afternoon, when I had this last year I can’t say I was that fussed, but it tasted really good. I don’t think they are available for general sale until next week, only to Starbucks card holders I think. Food wise I’ve been getting back in to porridge:


I love my ‘courgette bread’ porridge which I make my mixing in some grated courgette with a scoop of vanilla protein powder. I topped it with tahini, dried cranberries and maple syrup. This morning I made some chocolate peanut butter cup porridge:


Ah this was just so gorgeous! I mixed in cocoa powder and a little vanilla protein powder with the oats and topped with peanut flour sauce and some healthy chocolate sauce I’ve been sent to review. Amazeballs.

I’ve also been feeling the curries. I made us a Thai Green Chicken Curry on Friday:


Then yesterday I made a curry with chickpeas, roasted butternut squash and aubergine, coconut milk, some spices and green chilli:


Both served with cauliflower rice and broccoli. I totally misjudged the heat of the green chilli in the chickpea curry, it was so hot I had to add some yoghurt to make it edible!

For breakfast yesterday I made a grain free wrap filled with almond butter and apple:


I love these, next time I’m going to cook the apples with some cinnamon for a warm apple pie filling. Last but not least I decided to make an old recipe of mine, raw caramel pecan cake:


I just love this so much, it tastes incredible. If you like salted caramel type flavours get a load of this! I am always amazed at how buttery it tastes when it is raw and vegan. A great sweet treat with no refined sugar that gives you a whole bunch of healthy fats!

It’s really been a lovely relaxed weekend which was so needed. I feel like my batteries have been recharged! We had such a great day yesterday with a walk to the shops, soup making and watching a film in the afternoon. I’m hoping for more of the same today :-) I’ve just come back from spin class which was great, and I’m going to roast a chicken later and generally get myself ready for the coming week.

Yesterday I spent some time filling in my ‘before you start’ sheets so I’m ready to start the Super Conscious Living Programme with everyone else in the Facebook group tomorrow. Still not too late if you’d like to join in! 

Oh and on Friday I was super chuffed to see a piece I’d written on healthy eating on a budget be published on the My Voucher Codes blog!

How has your weekend been? Are you seeing the signs of autumn? I love the colours of the leaves, one of my first memories was collecting leaves and making pictures with them, I must have only been about 4 or 5 years old! How hot do you like a curry?
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