Before I started blogging, a very long 4 years ago now, I was still a lover of the internet and all it had to offer but I was so disorganised! My favourites tab on Internet Explorer was a joke, I would find great content only to lose it and have to spend ages searching for it again. Then I discovered Evernote and everything changed. Since I started blogging I have found that I live even more of my life online – something which has it’s positives and negatives of course. I think it can be easy to feel overwhelmed at everything that is out there, I certainly did for a long time. I was so inspired by everything I would see! Over time I’ve found some great ways of organising the content I find online, here are some of my favourite tools:

Evernote logo design centerOf course as Evernote Healthy Living Ambassador I would put Evernote first, but seriously I could not live without this free programme in my life! I use it daily for EVERYTHING. I’m planning a future post with more detail on how I use it for healthy living purposes, but for generally organising online content it is the bees knees. For most users it’s totally free and it is an excellent way to save information for very easy recall later. You can save recipes, articles, images and more in your Evernote account which can then be synced up with your phone or tablet. I use it on my home Mac, my work PC, my iPhone and iPad. It is quite simply awesome. I prefer it to sites like Pinterest (more on that in a sec) for saving recipes as once in Evernote you can tag them and they become searchable. I find that easier than having multiple Pinterest boards since I save loads of recipes. I also save a lot of health related articles and research as pdf files can also be saved and become searchable if you opt for the Premium version.

Pinterest logo redPinterest is definitely my next favourite! I am a very visual person and as this operates like one giant virtual pin board it could not be more perfect for sharing and storing information in a visual way. It does have some crossovers with the way I use Evernote such as pinning recipes, however as I said I do find Evernote more helpful with its search facility and the ability to view files offline. I use Pinterest for organising things I find inspiring, things that I feel I will use more in a practical way, I save to Evernote. You can follow me on Pinterest here if you like!

Dropbox LogoOh Dropbox I love you so much! As I work between two offices, having Dropbox so that all my files are with me all the time is awesome. I use it for backing up the blog, saving some pdf files outside of Evernote when I might be referring to them more often. I also use it for reading pfds and other documents on my tablet.

Bloglovin logoWhen I first started reading blogs I would just save the homepage URL as a favourite and visit them whenever I could. Very quickly, that became a nightmare as the number of blogs I wanted to follow increased. Eventually I discovered Google Reader, but since that kicked the bucket back in July I’ve been a true Bloglovin convert. Feedly is also a good way to organise and keep up to date with any blogs you follow, but personally I refer Bloglovin. It enables you to follow blogs (and discover new ones) and sort them into different groups. I follow a lot of blogs and I don’t often have time to read them all so I will scroll through my feed and ‘like’ the ones I wish to read in more detail later. Then I mark all as read and click into my ‘liked posts’ area so I can read and comment on the posts that interested me. Once I’ve read them and commented then I ‘unlike’ them and they disappear from that area. I find it useful for being able to keep up with new blog posts from my fave blogs without feeling overwhelmed with a huge amount of unread posts in my feed! Of course you can follow KHGS on Bloglovin here. If you read a lot of blogs but don’t use any kind of tool to do so, Bloglovin is worth looking into!

Pocket Logo Small

Pocket is something I’m fairly new to, again, it does have some similarities with Evernote and Pinterest to an extend. It enables you to ‘pocket’ whole webpages for reading later, either on your computer, phone or tablet. You can get a widget for your web browser (I use Chrome and love it) so all you need to do is hit the button and the webpage is saved. I have recently been using it to save pages that I would like to share on Facebook, Twitter or in future blog posts, for example in my Love List feature on a Friday. I know a lot of other bloggers do similar lists of links to content they have enjoyed, so perhaps Pocket could also be useful for you in saving those pages. 

Those are just my personal favourites, but new tools and websites seem to be appearing all the time. What are your favourite ways of organising content / information you find online?

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