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I love this piece of art work in the Science building at Sunderland University. I was back at my old uni for a meeting earlier in the week, my best friend works there so gave me a tour. It has changed so much in the last 10 years, I felt so old walking round with all the freshers! One of the good things I was talking about earlier in the week was that I will be doing a healthy food demo at the University Health and Wellbeing event for staff and students. I can’t wait! I also heard that one of the community projects I was hoping to be involved with has been funded, so that means I’ll be doing some more work with young people around healthy body image, all great stuff! 

This week has been a little less busy than last week thankfully, and I finally feel like I’ve stopped chasing my tail. I’ve even had time to sit down and enjoy some tasty meals!


I had a load of figs so made my fig, walnut and goats cheese salad, but used some leftover feta rather than the usual soft goats cheese. Last night I made a lovely filling dinner:


This was chicken with cauliflower rice in tomato sauce with mushrooms, peppers, olives and basil on top plus some broccoli. It was gorgeous! At the weekend I had made some pork in the slow cooker:


This was just amazing. I made a sauce with chicken stock, apple sauce, maple syrup and ground ginger and put the pork in the slow cooker with that and a couple of onions. When the pork was cooked I transferred the sauce into a pan and reduced it down and thickened it with arrowroot. I can’t wait to make this again!

Breakfasts have mostly been baked oats but I did decide to have a change with an apple scramble topped with almond butter, I just don’t get tired of this:


Despite the cold, I still fancied a smoothie too!


This was a lovely pumpkin smoothie made with 1/3 tin of pumpkin, vanilla protein powder, chai spices, ice and unsweetened almond milk. I love how creamy these turn out although I don’t know how much longer I’ll be having smoothies with the cooler weather!

My workout week:

  • Weekend: Rest
  • Monday: Gym – 40 minutes total cardio on the machines, strength training on the weights machines
  • Tuesday: Gym – 10 minutes on the cross trainer, the bike and the treadmill
  • Wednesday: Gym – 10 minutes on the cross trainer, strength – squats, lunges, shoulder presses etc, 10 minutes on the bike
  • Thursday: Freelectics workout 
  • Friday: Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown Level 1

I was chuffed that I improved on my last Freelectics workout, and I did Aphrodite in 26 mins, more than a minute better. It’s been a really good workout week and I’ve enjoyed all of my exercise. On Tuesday I had some time to exercise and where I would have usually done something at home I was in one of those moods where I knew I wouldn’t do anything if I didn’t actually leave the house and get away from distractions!

On the Love List this week:


After getting in a flap earlier this week when I didn’t have anything planned for dinner, I decided I needed to get back into some hard core meal planning. Of course I made use of the free downloadable meal planning tool I have available over at Uniquely Healthy! I looked through the fridge and cupboards and I have some things to use up but I’m also going to try out some new recipes. As next week is shaping up to be pretty busy, I know that this is going to make things way easier. I’ve got it up on the fridge to keep me on track. Also…

Seeing my best friend twice this week, I love spending time with her // cuddles from her baby girl when I visited // making plans to cosy up the flat with some knitted cushions and throws ready for the cold weather // knit ware // this great post on Choosing Raw about the links between obesity and ED”s – it really touched a nerve given my own history //  raw chocolate // spiced hot chocolate // feeling like I’m back on top of things // planning for the next few months // lovely heart touching testimonials from my Uniquely Healthy clients // brilliant feedback from the guys doing the SCLP! 

 In case you missed it:

How has your week been? What’s on your Love List? Do you meal plan?

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