Happy Sunday everyone! I’m watching the Great North Run on the TV as I type, I always feel quite emotional watching it and remembering the two times I did it (2010 + 2011). I have to say I don’t envy the runners this year, the weather is not pleasant in the North East today! I even decided to make a warming blended coffee with local organic butter this morning, so creamy and comforting!

I’ve had a great weekend so far, I went out yesterday to see my parents, grandma and best friend. I decided to wear a new vintage dress:

P1140338OOTD: Army style jacket: ℅ Next (last season) // pink satchel: H&M // floral reworked vintage shirt dress: Newcastle Vintage Fair // black leggings: H&M // black boots: New Look

As you can see the weather was actually quite bright and fresh yesterday! I really love that vintage dress, it’s a bit of a different style to most of my others which is nice for a change.

When I’ve been home I’ve been in the kitchen quite a lot. On Friday evening I really wanted a Thai Green Curry:


I had some organic chicken breasts from the reduced section and made some cauliflower rice with added garam masala and turmeric. Oh boy did this hit the spot!

I’m still eating a few salads although I have lots of ideas for cooler weather lunches coming up soon. Goats cheese and beetroot is always good, especially with a few walnuts on top:


Last night I decided to try and make my own version of an enchilada:


I made a black bean salsa type filling with fresh tomatoes cooked with black beans, red onion, peppers and chilli powder. Then I made one of my grain free wraps and filled it up, then topped with more of the salsa and some cheese. It was lush! I could have done with some fresh chilli, but as a first try it worked very well.

For breakfast yesterday I just fancied something simple so had some 2% Greek yoghurt with a peach and fresh blackberries:


This morning I just couldn’t resist making up another Berry Baked Oatmeal! I swapped the berries for one apple and some blackberries and used an apple and pomegranate flavoured yoghurt:


Oh heavens this is soooo bloody fantastically gorgeous! I had it with some more of the yoghurt for a warm and cool combination. I am going to slice it up and refrigerate / freeze the remaining 5 portions for the rest of the week.

Right now I have some pork slow cooking in an apple, maple and ginger sauce for dinner later. I’m looking forward to hibernating for the rest of the day!

How has your weekend been? Are you watching the Great North Run? I used to get some serious runners envy, especially last year when I had to pull out. This year I feel like I can watch and just really enjoy it without feeling bad about no longer being a runner.  Do you get runners envy? Have you ran the Great North Run, and if so what are your memories of the greatest Half Marathon in the world?

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