Today I wanted to share the feedback from one of the lovely people who kindly tested out the Super Conscious Living Programme. Just as Pauline say’s below, hearing other people’s experiences and how they approach their relationship with food can be very interesting and shed new light on any similar issues you may have.

Even if the programme itself doesn’t interest you, Pauline’s story is well worth a read!


How did you find doing the actual programme?

Considering I thought I knew a lot about healthy eating and nutrition, I wondered at the start whether I would learn that much – but the beauty of the programme is that it’s unique to me (or whoever is following it).  I am seriously amazed at how much I discovered about myself, and how much better I feel already from lessons I’ve implemented.  I am currently in a busy period with my work, and I think following the programme helped me to make better food choices based on how my body felt.  Having said that, I think I will probably follow the programme another time in the future when I’m less busy and getting more sleep!

Did the programme meet your expectations?

The programme actually exceeded my expectations.  Before undertaking it, I thought that I wouldn’t learn as much about myself as I did.  I think it is a fairly big time commitment, but so worth the effort. 

Another thing to mention was how helpful I found the interaction with other people following the programme (this is via the closed Facebook Group) – though possibly this is because I just love reading about peoples’ relationship with food! 

What did you find out about yourself as a result of carrying out the programme?

  • I let myself get FAR too hungry – either by working late or not taking enough food for the gym.  Then I eat anything and everything I can get my hands on
  • Because of this, I need to plan snacks as most clean foods need preparation -so when I need to eat something immediately, I can
  • Being told I look thinner made me realise I am too affected by what others think.  I looked thinner because I had lost muscle weight across my shoulders – this shouldn’t have been a compliment. Being thin isn’t everything
  • I get IBS symptoms the first couple of days of my period, no matter what I eat
  • I get bloating following wheat and bean consumption, the best carbs for me are oats, sweet potatoes and brown rice
  • Sometimes I WANT to eat something that I just shove mindlessly in my mouth.  Homemade air-popped popcorn works for this – isn’t too unhealthy but satisfies that eating craving
  • Eating more protein and carbs and weight training has warmed me up from the inside out, and gotten rid of most of my IBS symptoms (except during my period)
  • Lack of sleep impacts hugely on my exercise performance, and how I feel about my looks (I look drawn and paler)
  • Increased carbs at meals means no snacking, so must fill me up better
  • I find it easier to eat clean when I don’t want to snack
  • I had to work one sunny weekend.  I snacked a lot – not because I wanted to eat, but because I wanted to not be working – emotional hunger
  • I STILL don’t drink enough water – quite often this is laziness as I just can’t be bothered to go and get some.  Trying to change this
  • Having been pretty much caffeine-free for a year, I’ve discovered I can’t drink caffeine in the afternoon or evening as it affects my sleep
  • I eat really healthily – like 80% clean at least.  That’s pretty impressive and I should be proud rather than worrying about the 20%

Would you recommend the programme to others?

Yes, absolutely.  It is a real time commitment, but I think people (inc. people who think they are well-informed about healthy eating) could benefit hugely.  I feel like I know what’s healthy for me now, not just what’s healthy in general.  Very pleasantly surprised at the extent of the results!

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I just want to say thank you!  I was really looking forward to the programme, but sceptical as to whether I would learn that much about myself.  Having had IBS symptoms for years, I had become so used to having a “noisy tummy” that I didn’t expect to change that.  Taking the time to really listen to my body showed me that it was after eating wheat and beans and green veg in particular that it flared up.  After a few days of not eating those foods, my stomach is very quiet!  And I have been able to reintroduce leafy greens with no ill-effects, which is fab.  This is a huge change!  Also, feeling warmer from eating more carbs and a higher proportion of protein is fantastic as I’ve always suffered from the cold. 

These might seem like small changes to make, but actually they are huge differences.  I was already eating clean and very active, I didn’t realise I could feel so much better than I already did.  A great thing about the programme is that once you have access to it, you can repeat as often as you like.  I’m sure I’ll come back to do it again.


Thanks Pauline! I’m so glad that despite being sceptical at the start, Pauline gained so much from following the programme. Do any of the things that Pauline discovered about herself ring true to you? 

You can purchase the Super Conscious Living Programme with over 30% off for just £4.99 before the end of the month.

I am also going to be kicking off a group of us starting the programme on Monday 30th September, using the Facebook Group to keep us going. If you are interested in doing the programme and know that you enjoy doing something together with others this is a great opportunity! I’ll be doing it as well and I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to meeting you all in the Facebook Group!

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