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It’s been a live music filled week for me, after seeing Cherry Suede and Doxs on Sunday night, last night we went to see Laura Marling at the Sage Gateshead. I spotted that colourful street art outside the venue. Oh my god I just love her so much. I can’t explain what her music means to me but there’s just something about her voice, lyrics and emotion that I really connect to. Anyway she was awesome despite having a cold and, as she put it, being ‘glutened’ at a restaurant (she’s celiac). Best gig ever for me.

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 Stuff I’ve been eating this week: 


I made this quick lunch of scrambled eggs with red onion, peppers, cheese and salsa on the side. It was tremendous!


I also got busy with the slow cooker and made a fabulous simple beef stew. This was made with some diced beef from my local farm shop and the taste was just amazing. It’s only a few ingredients: onions, carrots, beef, chopped tomatoes and beef stock – can’t get any simpler than that, and it allows the flavour of the beef to come through.

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I had a lovely green smoothie breakfast with spinach, courgette, half a banana, vanilla protein powder and almond milk topped with tahini (more on tahini in a mo!) and dried cranberries. I also had another toffee coffee frappe smoothie as a snack:


This was just vanilla protein powder blended with ice, cinder toffee coffee from Beanies and almond milk. I think I’m making the most of the slightly higher temps this week!


Yesterday morning all I fancied for breakfast was fruit and nut butter so I had a bowl of sliced banana, figs, almond butter, bee pollen and a drizzle of maple syrup. I’ve been impressing myself with how much I’ve been able to listen to what my body wants. I did the meal plan last week and that really helped to be organised and therefore less stressed, but I have been flexible with it and changed it according to what I fancied. 

Workouts this week:

  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: 45 min spinning class
  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Freeletics workout
  • Wednesday: Gym – 30 minutes cardio on the machines, 15 minutes of weights
  • Thursday: You Tube vids: Tabata, Tone it Up Under the Sea, 10 min yoga
  • Friday: Gym – 20 minutes cardio on the machines, 10 minutes of weights (could not be arsed this morning, but made a deal with myself to do 30 minutes!)

I feel like I’ve found a good balance with workouts this week, doing spinning on a Sunday is going to be useful for having an added rest day, as well as being fun! I’m glad that I did go to the gym this morning, if only for a quickie as I know I feel better after even a light workout. 

On the Love List this week…

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As well as the Laura Marling gig last night obviously, the other thing on my Love List this week is tahini, or more specifically this tahini. I ran out after using the last of it for my fig, honey and tahini cake, so was happy to be able to stock up on Sunday at Waitrose. I love this brand so much because it is really ‘drippy’ and perfect for drizzling on smoothies, and well, pretty much everything else. It’s also amazing as a salad dressing. I stocked up with a few jars, they won’t last long! Also…

 A great meeting with a friend and colleague planning a new positive body image project! // this great article with 63 year old model Cindy Joseph about ageing gracefully // this very cool guide to Newcastle, and the Burrito bar I discovered from reading it, can’t wait to visit it! // fresh figs // a special card in the post from a dear friend 

In case you missed it:

On Monday I’ll be kicking off a group of us doing the Super Conscious Living Programme via the Facebook Group page. If you are interested don’t forget to get your copy ready for Monday, I’m really excited about doing it together with you all!

What’s on your Love List this week? Have you been to see any live music recently? What kind of music are you in to? Tahini, love or hate?

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