Last month just seems to have flown over doesn’t it? It’s been pretty action packed for me, especially our trip to Berlin:

Berlin sites jpg  

We’ve also had a few nights out seeing live music as well which has been great. At the start of the month I gave the blog a big make over, introduced the free resource area over at Uniquely Healthy, and then launched the Super Conscious Living Programme for sale. I have been completely flabbergasted at the response! There’s a group of us doing the programme together in the Facebook group. The programme is still on sale for £4.99 for a couple of days so it’s not too late if you would like to join in!


I’ve shared recipes for beat the bloat tea and a chai spice blend, along with some delicious pumpkin muffins made with the spices!


I talked about some ways to tackle boredom eating, shared my body confidence meltdown in a clothes shop and did the Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish Guide to Protein Powders!

I have to say I did pretty crap with my goals for September. Well, you know I’ve just written that and then looked back at that post and I’m really being a bit hard on myself. I had a great time in Berlin, got all the updates done for the blog and Uniquely Healthy, started my cross stitch and definitely ate a lot of squash and pumpkin! What I didn’t do so well was yoga or looking at my budgeting. 

There have been points this month where I have felt totally and utterly wiped out. Berlin was not a ‘holiday’ in the sense of having some time to relax. I worked hard right up to the day we left, and then it was straight back into it when I got back. No wonder I didn’t manage all of my goals, and that has made me realise that I’m asking far too much of myself when I set several goals while I have so much going on in my life. So, time for some changes on that front…


Instead of setting myself several goals and stressing about trying to meet them, I’ve decided to change my approach and instead go for a monthly pledge, a single thing that I’d like to focus on when it comes to my health and wellbeing. Every month I’m going to pledge to focus on just one area. Of course I’ll still have my own to do list of tasks that need to be done, but this will be the over arching ‘theme’ if you like. 

Me and stress have had an interesting relationship over the years. To be honest it’s only just been in the last few months I’ve had to accept that I do, in fact, get stressed. I’ve talked and written so much about the effect that stress can have on your health and wellbeing – I need to start taking some of my own advice! However, I run my own business and that is never going to be stress free. On top of that, these last few months have seen me taking huge strides outside of my comfort zone. Doing food demonstrations in front of crowds, talking at community groups etc all make me feel a little anxious until I’m in the moment and doing it. All of that stuff isn’t going to change any time soon, and October is actually going to be a month jam packed with that kind of ‘so far outside my comfort zone it’s a dot in the distance’ stuff. 

The way I think I’m going to approach this is by making some space for myself. I have a fine balance between being stressed with lots on, and being bored so I need to find that place in the middle. I’m going to be more realistic with my to do lists, and make sure that I have one day a week when I am not ticking things off my list. I’m going to think about things I’d like to do that I enjoy, and damn well do them! With something like stress, forcing yourself to do things that might be good for it, such as meditation, just back fires as it becomes another source of stress and item to tick off that never ending list.

So I’m going to give myself space, be gentler to myself and try and be slightly more organised. Hopefully I will be feeling more zen at the end of the month! Linked to this is doing the Super Conscious Living Programme, I know it has the potential to become a further source of stress, so I am going to be flexible with my approach. The central thing I’d like to get back to by doing it, is having more freedom around food, and that will certainly lessen my stress levels!

What role does stress play in your life? Do you sometimes expect too much of yourself? Do you prefer to have goals, or does the monthly pledge sound like a better approach for you? Feel free to join in and set your own monthly pledge! 

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