Healthy Baked Recipes

I'm Laura Agar Wilson.

I'm a Mum, coffee addict and Hygge lover. I help women remember that they are enough.

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Courgette, Lime & Pistachio Loaf Cake

It's finally starting to feel like spring has sprung here and with that we're trying to spend more time outside and more time with family and friends - especially now we have a garden to enjoy! This Courgette, Lime and Pistachio Loaf Cake is the perfect dessert for a...

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Sprouted Wholemeal Berry Muffins

There’s a couple of different coffee shops near where we live, a Costa that serves shitty coffee and the Muffin Break that actually serves coffee that doesn’t taste like ass. Naturally we therefore visit the Muffin Break fairly often when I need a major coffee hit,...

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Healthier cinnamon rolls recipe

I have a very serious problem to discuss with you all today. My Starbucks cinnamon swirl addiction is out. of. control. I can’t resist them! Usually, I’m not a girl that loves baked things from chain coffee shops, I prefer really good cake or brownies from a bakery or...

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Recipe: Healthy Mini Baked Cheesecakes

Generally speaking I’m not a big fan of ‘mini’ desserts. Where’s the rest of it? Bitesized is NOT for me, I like my portions big! But like everything in life, there are rule breakers and these mini cheesecakes are one of them.  This recipe came about when one of...

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Recipe: Almond Coconut Cacao Cookies

Cookies are probably my favourite baked treat. I’m sure it has something to do with working at Millies Cookies for several years while I was in Sixth form and at Uni, I ate a lot of cookies in that time! However these cookies could not be more different to the Millies...

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