Self Care Guide for the highly sensitive



Reach out to other people if you need to hug and cry

Share how you feel in a space that feels safe (offline or online)

Take time away from social media, it doesn’t mean you’re turning a blind eye


Ground yourself (outside, feet on the Earth if you can)

Look for the helpers, look for the people who also care

Check on others to make sure they’re ok

Remember you need to take care of yourself before you can show up for others


Get sucked into reading article after article or constantly scrolling social media

Read the comments

Watch the news (find a reliable source of information that doesn’t over dramatise)

Concern yourself with the opinions of others (harder said than done I know!)





Some simple ideas for giving something back


Donate to a food bank (look out for the donation points in your local supermarket)

Volunteer with a local community organisation (see NCVO for more info)

Join a protest

Don’t be afraid to share what you believe in if it is safe for you to do so

Challenge inequality if you witness it, if it is safe to do so


Write to your local representative

Sign a petition

Check in on your neighbours