kickstart your business programme

You dream of running a successful online business that let’s you live a life of more freedom and flexibility…

But you have no idea how to get all the pieces of the puzzle in the right place.

Getting a website, a ‘brand’, setting up an email list and starting to blog feels utterly overwhelming…

And that’s before you get any clients!

If you wish someone would give you all the right steps to take…and set you off in the right direction to get clients and make money,

You’re in the right place!

I’m Laura, your online business secret weapon!

When I started running my online health coaching business I spent years figuring out how to make it all work. From design to tech and using some of the latest and most effective programmes I taught myself how to create what my business needed to grow – as well as look professional and to feel authentically me.

Alongside the right strategies and support, I created a business that gives me the freedom I need to live a life that feels balanced (around my role as a mother too!) and pays the bills…and then some!

Let me use my design skills, tech knowledge and strategy to get your business off the ground in 3 months instead of 3 years!

What is the kickstarter programme?

I’ve created this programme specificially for new online business owners who want to fast track their success. If you’ve recently finished or will shortly be completing your training certification programme, or otherwise starting out on your business journey, this is the programme for you.

At the end of just 3 months I’ll have saved you years of time PLUS you’ll have a strategy and action plan to implement that is designed to make your business generate income from the word go.


Who’s it for?

Women who would like to set up an online business    such as:

Health and Wellbeing Coaches

Life Coaches and Healers

Any other kind of coach or mentor

What’s included?

Three 1-2-1 sessions

A full brand design

A fully responsive website built on WordPress

Worksheets, resources and trainings to get you super clear on your business model, marketing, messaging and more.

Website & brand design portfolio

Cheap poorly designed websites can actually damage your business! A crap website simply won’t cut it in todays online economy, my websites are inventive and beautifully designed to make your business stand out. I build my sites to ensure they are future proof and will intergrate with anything you could possibly need as your business grows for years to come.

What we cover

The Kickstarter programme is delivered over 3 months and includes two 1-2-1 sessions each month. Here’s how we roll:

month one

What makes you you

Your brand style and voice

Your business model

Money flow model

month two

Refining and finalising your brand

Your marketing plan

Administration systems

Email list + Opt in

month three

Your unique website

Your first sales package

90 day action plan

Business growth playbook

As well as our monthly 1-2-1 sessions you’ll have some homework to do and training videos to watch so you’re fully upskilled in everything you need to run your business! The Kickstarter Package includes your branding and website (which I’ll be working on throughout our time together), as well as detailed training on how to set up your email list and create an opt in (pdf guide as a welcome gift for people joining your list).

If you’d prefer to have everything done for you, check out my Done For You Programme

Why work with Laura?

I offer a unique mix of business mentoring and the design and tech elements required to start a new business.

Unlike working with a web developer or graphic designer who has no clue when it comes to running a coaching business, I know the deal! 

I’m also a Mum, and I know what it’s like to want to create that life filled with freedom and flexibility for family life – but one that also brings in the cash and plenty of it!

I also know how lonely and overwhelming it can feel when you’re just starting out with that mountain to climb.

I’ve built my own business from the ground up learning a whole host of skills in the process including website and branding design (in a previous life I studied graphic design and photography!) social media, marketing and more.

I know what it’s like to need to create a business that works for you, let me help you kickstart your new business and your new life!

I have just finished my business coaching programme with Laura and it has been amazing! I had the idea and qualifications for the business I wanted to set up but no clue about where to start!

Laura made things really simple and guided me step by step at every stage, including writing copy for my website, how to create things like opt ins (something I didn’t even know you needed), attracting paying clients, launching offers, marketing myself, using social media effectively and creating profitable income streams.

Every time I had a question (and I had a lot!) Laura was quick to respond and never become frustrated with. She was patient, knowledgeable and super helpful! She also put me at ease and helped me believe in my business and its success when I felt overwhelmed or unconfident.

Thanks to Laura I have a clear plan going forwards of how I want my business to run and how I’m actually going to make it happen! On top of all of this Laura also designed and built my website for me – something I am super proud of and makes me feel professional and confident.

Without Laura’s help I definitely wouldn’t have the business I have today. She really knows her stuff and I would recommend her 100 times over to anyone who wants to be successful in running an online business.

Samantha Darby

Body Image Coach, Samantha Darby Break Free

Running a soul-centred business, I knew that I needed to find someone who could not only create a website but who also understood what was at the heart of what I was trying to achieve. Working with Laura has been a pleasure from start to finish. She has made the process so simple which, for someone who is a complete techno phobe, has been a blessing! Laura has also taken the time to make sure that I can amend and make changes independently as and when I need to.

Since working with Laura my retreats have sold out, numbers to my website are up ten fold and my social media following is increasing rapidly.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommed Laura to anyone who running who is taking the plunge and starting a a business from the heart. I am so happy with the finished product and I will definitely be using Laura again! Paula Lawson

Be Happy Be Bright Be You

I chose to start working with Laura about half way through my IIN course so that I could hit the ground running once I completed my course. 

Working with Laura was great as she not only asks great questions to really get you thinking about where you want to take your business, but she is able to offer practical advice and guidance about what works (and what doesn’t!) from her personal experience of setting up her own coaching business. 

Laura very quickly ‘got’ what I was all about and we worked collaboratively to create a brand that fitted perfectly with my vision for my business and my niche market.  Laura designed my website and created easy, user friendly videos to ensure I’m able to edit and manage my website and mailing lists behind the scenes moving forward. 

Laura is absolutely lovely and gives honest and pragmatic feedback to help you get the best outcome, I loved working with Laura and can highly recommend her as a business coach/website designer for anyone who is looking to set up an online coaching business. Helena Schmit

Coach, This Mama Rocks


This 3 month programme will fast track you to a point of being able to confidently and successfully launch your online business, all for £1497 with instalment plans available.

That’s 3 months of 1-2-1 coaching, a beautiful brand, website, action plan and full training!

Get in touch below to arrange a chat to see if this programme is the right fit for you.


6 + 2 =

value packed…

This programme includes:

Brand design worth £500

Website creation worth £2000*

1-2-1 coaching worth over £1050

Total value = £3550

Kickstarter Package = All for only £1497 / $1997


What if in 3 months you had…

A beautiful brand and website you can’t wait to show off

Complete clarity around what your business is offering and how it is structured to provide you with income

Confidence in yourself, your skills as a coach and an entrepreneur

A vision for your version of success and a work / life balance that literally makes you happy to jump out of bed in the morning and get to work!

I was sooo nervous about approaching a Business Coach. I think that doing so meant I was REALLY doing this, for real! And having my own website created would mean stepping out of my comfort zone with things like…photo shoots! And actually that wake-up call…that intention…that opportunity to take myself and my business seriously…has worked absolute wonders in itself.

I was thrilled when I was able to work with Laura, as I’ve followed her social media posts and emails for a while (one of the few emails I read without fail!). She made her coaching and website development package absolutely tailored to what I needed, and at an affordable and sensible rate.

Over 3 months we’ve had fortnightly Skype calls which I’ve so looked forward to. I feel focused and have the most direction ever. I also have the most BEAUTIFUL website – it looks just as I always wanted and is something to be forever proud of. Laura listened to everything I threw at her (thank you!) and this has resulted in a clean, minimalist, straight-talking, no-nonsense space for fabulous females to ‘find their warrior’ with me, through fitness.

Initially felt like a scary investment, financially and time-wise – but actually Laura has given me MORE time; instead of giving me extra jobs to do, with her help I have cut back on the aspects of my business that I didn’t need and that weren’t serving me either money-wise, or happiness-wise. I now have bitesized chunks of work to do each 3 months, each month and each week, which I can work towards with absolute conviction that I am now heading in the right direction. And the financial investment was honestly the BEST I’ve made so far.

Go for it ladies, you won’t regret it! Laura, I will really miss our calls, and will no doubt be in touch again next year for some more wonderful pep talks and goal setting! Now to get my game face on for a hugely successful 2018… Luisa Skinner

Personal Trainer, Luisa Skinner

I have just completed business coaching with Laura and am so delighted that I made the decision to invest.

Before I finished my HCTP course, I was working with Laura to focus my future visions for my business and to identify my ideal client. She helped me to conduct early market research and we then worked together to develop my brand so that it aligned perfectly with my vision

Laura signposted various resources to help me develop my copywriting and was always helpful when I emailed her with a million questions and queries. She provided amazing help and advice around brand design and guided me to collect a wide range of visual inspiration which she then collated and developed into a website that I am unbelievably proud of.

She played a number of roles during our sessions together; professional guide and mentor; calming and supportive friend and awesome website designer and developer!

Her support in all areas was second to none and I have no doubt that were it not for her, I would still be standing on the sidelines, procrastinating and panicking about where to start. Because of Laura I have been able to dive head-first into my new and very exciting business and within the first month of launching my website, I am already working with clients and being asked to speak at public events and workshops.

Thank you Laura. I hope we get the opportunity to work together again in the future!

Amy Rom

Coach, Happilicous


I haven’t even started my business yet or completed my training, can I still work with you?

Yes of course, this is actually a great time to work with me so you can really get the foundations right and hit the ground running as soon as your graduate from your training programme.

How much homework is involved?

Each month you’ll have some worksheets to work through and a couple of training videos to watch as well as some practical tasks. It shouldn’t take more than 2-3 hours a week maximum. If you want all technical and design work done for you, check out my Done For You Programme

Can you guarantee I’ll make an income through my business if I work with you?

No one can guarantee anything and each person’s journey is different, however I can say with certainty that you’ll have a proven structure and system in place as well as the foundational work needed to attract paying clients and customers into your business using methods that work.

Do you charge any ongoing fees?

No. Other than your domain and hosting (which is not processed by me) there are no ongoing costs. At the end of the package you’ll get a training video showing how you can maintain the site yourself. 

Will I need to invest in anything else besides this programme to get my results?

If you are looking for particular design elements or stock photography to use in your branding then there may be a cost associated with that (around £50 depending on what you need). It also makes sense to get some professional photographs of yourself taken to complement your branding (I’d recommend looking into costs with local photographers, however if that’s hard to budget for it’s totally possible to DIY and I can provide guidance around that). If we are looking to set up a website from scratch there will be domain name and hosting costs associated with that. (around £20-£30 per annum depending on the domain name you are after). Depending on which email system you opt for there may be a small cost associated with this also.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes I offer a payment plan contact me for more details.

What currency do you charge in?

I’m happy to take £GBP or $USD

Is the cost of this programme tax deducible?

Absolutely! I’ll supply invoices so the cost of this programme can be accounted as a business expense.

Is this programme only for health and wellbeing coaches?

No, this programme would be suitable for anyone running an online based business such as coaches, mentors and healers. 

Any other questions? Just pop me a message on the form above!