Introducing the wholehearted method

Fed up of feeling like you don’t have your shit together?

Tired of feeling guilt and shame around your lack of progress?

Done with your needs being at the bottom of your endless to do list?

Then keep reading!

A few years ago I found myself feeling sick and tired of pretty much everything in life. I’d drive to work saying to myself ‘there has to be more to life than this’. I was suck in cycles of treating my body like a bin, next to starving it and punishing it at the gym. My entire self worth was tied up in my weight and appearance, my friendships were unfulfilling and I had no idea how to create the change I wanted to see in my life. In fact it felt like almost everything needed to change.

Over the last 8 years everything did change.

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but the journey has taught me everything about how to create change in my life in a way that actually sticks. My wellbeing is better, my relationships are more supportive and my work is incredibly rewarding.

In my work with women around their wellbeing, and in my own practices I started to notice the things that worked, and the things that held us all back. 

I started to experiment with all of the elements that actually get women results – and that helped me live a happier healthier and more fulfilling life. I put all those pieces together to create the Wholehearted Method. A 4 step plan to living a more Wholehearted Life.

Living wholeheartedly is about showing up for yourself and others, getting out of your own way, treating your mind, spirit and body well and living the life you actually want to live rather than going round in endless circles of the same shit!

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