I'm Laura Agar Wilson.

I'm a Mum, coffee addict and Hygge lover. I help women remember that they are enough.

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A Birthday Self Care Ritual

Tomorrow it's my 35th Birthday! I'm not even sure how that happened, it feels like only yesterday I was celebrating my 30th with a fancy dress party. Saying that, whilst the time has flown, a lot has happened in 5 years. I've quit my job and started my...

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How to enjoy your period

Yes, really - you can enjoy your period! I know that for a lot of women menstruation is painful, you're knackered and generally you just wish it was all over and done with. I know because I used to feel that way too. My own story with my period is a bit of a tale,...

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On feeling the negatives

I apologise in advance if this post comes off as a bit of a moan - although let's be honest, it basically is one giant rant so do forgive the self indulgence of this! However I have a feeling that some of these things will also strike a cord with you, in...

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How to avoid burning out

As a woman in her 30s who's a mother and a business owner I think it's fair to say my life feels very full most of the time. Looking back to when Finley was born, his health issues, breastfeeding, extreme sleep deprivation that went on for over two years,...

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