It's time to start getting your needs met...

If you're fed up of feeling burned out, getting zero 'me' time and your health and wellbeing is suffering as a result... you're in the right place.

You know the time has come for a change, but you have no idea where to begin. Between working hard in your job, taking care of your children and that never ending to-do list of things to get done around the house you wonder if you'll ever have time for your basic needs, let alone self care!

When you do manage to sneak in some time for yourself, you're wracked with guilt. Shouldn't you be tackling that to-do list?

Any of this sound familiar?

  • You're on the verge of burnout and can't remember the last time you did something just for you.
  • You feel totally overwhelmed all. the. time.
  • You're confused by all the things you think you should be doing for 'self care'
  • Your health and wellbeing is suffering in the form of excess weight, stress, poor sleep and rock bottom energy levels
  • You feel guilty whenever you think about doing something just for you
  • You can't imagine how you could possibly find more time for yourself
  • You're going through an intense life phase (like new motherhood) and feel like you're really struggling

Can you imagine...

  • Feeling more vibrant, creative and 'filled up' and less batshit crazy!
  • Clearly understanding what you need to thrive and having an overwhelm free plan to get it
  • Less losing your cool with your kids and partner, more calmness and less stress!
  • Greater energy, focus and intention in your every day life = more of what you want / less of what you don't
  • Less guilt about pretty much everything
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    Everything you'll every need to know about self care

The Wholehearted Self Care Guide will take you through the concept of self care in a way you've never come across before. You'll understand the 7 Self Care Themes and how to use them, we'll cover how to deal with guilt, how to create more time for yourself and specific mindset tips as well as 60 self care ideas.

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    To guide you in creating a sustainable self care plan for yourself

The Self Care Workbook will help you create an overwhelm free plan for welcoming more self care into your life. We'll address your barriers, figure out what activities are going to have a super sized impact and ensure you have a list of self care ideas ready to go for every single day.

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    A selection of extras to pimp your self care routine!

You also get a range of practical self care resources including: habit tracker, self care box guide, home retreat guide (including full menu plan and recipes), suggested phone apps, YouTube Yoga Playlist and more.

Plus get these bonuses!

Self Care for New Mums

A guide specifically for new mums facing the challenges of life with a new little one!

Fabulous You Self Care Bundle

8 PDF guides including: developing routines, total body scan, decluttering, upgrading, positive visualisation, things that make you feel good. 

Beauty Closet Cleanse Guide

From Cheryl of get this guide to detoxing and decluttering your skincare and beauty products.

Wholehearted Self Care Guide

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Laura is the founder of and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach specialising in self care, balance and mindset. She's Mum to 2 year old Finley and lives in Durham, UK with her husband James. Her own health and wellbeing journey was transformed when she really embraced self care as a regular practice and now she's passionate about teaching other women how to welcome self care into their own lives free from guilt and overwhelm. 

Still have questions?

I don't have any time for self care, how will this guide help me?

The Wholehearted Self Care includes specific tips around finding time for self care for even the busiest people, I can assure you, you do have time for self care, let me show you how!

This seems like a lot of information, will it not just overwhelm me?

The guide is designed to give you a lot of information, however it's all relevant and easy to assimilate and the worksheets ensure you come out of the process with a easy to put into action plan. 

What happens when I purchase the guide?

You'll get an email including download links. I'll also email you a few days afterwards to see how you're getting on with it!