Niche, Message & Brand


free 5 day challenge for health & life coaches

Monday 29th April – Friday 3rd May 2024

By the end of this free 5 day Bootcamp you’ll have a clearer more profitable niche, have created simple yet compelling marketing messages and have a brand that reflects your values and personality – all designed to help you attract more dream paying clients without having to do shit you hate!

Whether you’re new in your coaching business or have been a coach for a while, this bootcamp is going to help you take your business foundations to the next level. Think more compelling marketing, attracting more clients and growing your coaching business income so you can enjoy more freedom and flexibility in your life…

This free bootcamp will help you feel more confident in your niche, create marketing content that connects and stand out in the crowded coaching market – without having to dance on Reels!


Daily emails and prompts to guide you through the Bootcamp


Free instant access workbook and resources


Daily 10 minute training videos and free coaching with me to help you up level your niche, message & brand

By the end of the 5 day Bootcamp you’ll have a renewed foundation for your coaching business so you feel more confident in your ability to attract paying clients

Ready to finally feel confident in your niche, message and brand?

This bootcamp is for you if:

You’re a new coach and you’re having a hard time getting clear on your niche – or you’re a more established coach who is questioning if your niche is quite right!

You’re struggling to attract paying clients

It feels like your marketing content just isn’t resonating or connecting with people

You know that to build a successful coaching business you need to ‘stand out in the crowded market’ but the idea of doing that via social media and dancing on Reels makes you want to chuck your phone off a cliff

Ready to Up Level your Niche, Message & Brand?

Hi, Laura here 👋

I help health and life coaches build their businesses with feel good strategies so they can attract more clients, grow their income and enjoy more freedom in their lives.

I’ve created this Bootcamp to help health and life coaches get their business foundations really working – because I know how hard it is to grow a business without them.

Your niche, message and brand are the very foundation of your success. If you don’t feel clear and confident in these areas it becomes very hard to attract clients and make your business work.

Once I got this part of my business clear and felt good about who my business was designed to serve, the values that under pinned it all and what made me different –  so much became easier. I felt more confident showing up in my marketing, selling my services and being visible.

Join the Niche, Message & Brand Bootcamp now – I’m excited to get started!


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