the studio: design, websites, sales funnels & more

starting and growing a coaching business can be overwhelming – let me do some of it for you!

If tech and design isn’t your thing – but you still want to build a successful and professional coaching business – you’re in the right place.

I’m Laura, and as well as being an award winning blogger, coach and mentor for health and life coaches I’m a fully certified tech geek*

*well, not certified but if you could be certified in online business tech I’d be it!

I’m also a qualified designer and general lover of making things look pretty. 

If you’re running an online coaching business and want to get clients, customers and ultimately make money – there’s certain tech and design elements that are simply non negotiable. 

But I know they can be time consuming and overwhelming to set up – even then, you might not be sure you’ve set up the right thing in the right way for your unique business needs.

That’s where I come in….

Within The Studio element of Wholeheartedly Laura, I can support you with a range of design and tech needs in your health or life coaching business, including:

brand and website design

email list set up and sales funnels

online program design and set up

Design, Tech & Business Consulting and Mentoring

My magic is bringing together my design and tech skills with my knowledge as a business mentor + coach. I know exactly what you need to have in place to make your business work online.

When you work with me, you get more than just a ‘done for you’ service – you get additional strategic direction and support to ensure you’re investing your money in the right things that will actually grow your business.

I only work on a couple of tech and design projects a year alongside my 1:1 mentoring and other offers, so you always get fully supported.

Wish this stuff could just disappear off your to-do list?

The bottom line is, you just don’t have the time to faff about trying to learn how to use what feels like a million different tech tools when you just want to get going in your business.

The idea of trying to DIY it fills you with dread, you just know that you would be unhappy with the result and ready to throw your laptop out the window.

If this sounds like you, I’m ready to be your tech / design / website fairy godmother!

What I can help you with:

custom wordpress website

A fully customised self hosted WordPress website including optimised for mobile and tablet screens with SEO set up.


Including a logo, colour palette, fonts and other design elements to bring your business to life.

1:1 consulations

All of my done for you services include at least one 1:1 consultation session to ensure you’re being guided in the right direction in line with your goals. 



Design of business assets including freebies, social media graphics, PDFs for courses and online programs etc

email marketing set up + design

Set up of an email service provider with options to create sales funnels and welcome sequences


online courses and programs

Support to set up systems to sell and deliver your course or online program

Website and brand design starts at £1500

sales funnel set up and design starts at £500

Complete coaching business set up starts at £3000

What my previous clients have to say…

My whole brand and website needed an overhaul and I was struggling with everything from the website copy itself to changing the layout. The final result I got from working with Laura is better than I ever imagined – Laura took what we discussed and turned it into something amazing! Clients can now book and pay me directly on the site.

She was full of ideas and suggestions for optimising the website and bringing it to the next level. She was there to help me along the way with any queries I had, and I really enjoyed the process and that was in part down to Laura as a person, it was really enjoyable working with her.

Suzanne Malone – Nutritional Therapist

Let’s get started

Complete the form below and tell me a bit about what you feel you need. I’ll get back to you and we can book a call to discuss your needs. After the call, I’ll send you a proposal with at least two costed out options you can consider.

Please note that I work on a ‘whole project basis’, I don’t work on small tech jobs or website tweaks. The minimum investment for any project with me will be at least  £500 / $600


I haven’t started my business yet or completed my training, can I still work with you?

Yes of course, this is actually a great time to work with me so you can really get the foundations right and hit the ground running as soon as your graduate from your training programme.

Why do you design websites using WordPress? Is it complicated to use?

I design all my sites using WordPress because it’s the industry standard for awesome websites. Some WordPress set ups can be complex, but the way I design my sites makes them just as simple to manage and use as sites designed on other platforms.

Do you charge any ongoing fees?

No. Other than your domain and hosting (which is not processed by me) there are no ongoing costs. At the end of the package you’ll get a training video showing how you can maintain the site yourself. However some previous clients have found it easier for me to take on the ongoing maintenance for a small monthly charge.

Will I need to invest in anything else to get my results?

Depending on your needs, you likely will need tio invest in certain tech tools. All of my services include consultation on which tech tools will match your needs, including comparison on expenses with alternative options suggested depending on your budget.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes I offer a flexible payment plan contact me for more details.

What currency do you charge in?

I’m happy to take £GBP, $USD or Euros

Is the cost of this programme tax deducible?

Absolutely! I’ll supply invoices so the cost of this programme can be accounted as a business expense.

Can you guarantee I’ll make an income through my business if I work with you?

No one can guarantee anything and each person’s journey is different, however I can say with certainty that you’ll have a proven structure and system in place as well as the foundational work needed to attract paying clients and customers into your business using methods that work.

Can I get certain aspects of the package done with someone else, for example get my branding done with another designer and just work with you on the website and mentoring?

No, while I’m happy to look at bespoke options, I don’t create websites with branding that hasn’t been designed by me.

Got more questions?

No problem! Feel free to pop me an email

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