Courses and Programmes

Planning Templates for Coaches


Notion Planning Templates for coaches, get organised and manage your business using these templates!

Super Simple Passive Income


Super Simple Passive Income will teach you how top create and sell a simple digital product such as a mini course, e book, template, printable or audio series.

Social to Search


Switch your social media based marketing to search based platforms so you can spend less time trying to hack the algorithm and more time creating content you love – all in 5 days or less!

Create Your Aligned Offer


A self study online programme teaching you a repeatable 6 step process for creating, selling and delivering offers in your business that work for your clients, your business and your life.

Blog School


An in depth programme that teaches you how to use your blog to market your coaching business so you can grow your list and get more clients.

Enchanting Challenges


Learn how to run a challenge so you can build your list or launch a new offer.

Pinterest Magic


How to start using Pinterest to grow your coaching business on auto pilot so you can work less and grow more, increase your list, get more clients and make more sales!

The Unboxed Guide to Niche and Messaging


Helping you create clarity around your niche and messaging without leaving your feeling boxed in. 

Soul Centred Planning Process


A collection of trainings and resources to help you plan for and manage your business without the hustle.

Priceless Power Hours


Get more clients with one simple call, this program teaches you how to create and promote your own Priceless Power Hour offer

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