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special offer for new customers

I know that getting 1:1 support can be incredibly valuable to you as a coach who is growing your business. But I know that 1:1 is not always affordable. One of my business values is accessibility, so I’ve decided to make 1:1 support available to everyone in my community as a one time offer. Book in for a 60 minute clarity call for £97 / $127 instead of the usual price of £397 or $500. Offer only redeemable once per person.

*I know that this might still not be an accessible price for some people, but this is the best price I can offer my 1:1 time while still being sustainable for me.

Feeling stuck in your business? Not sure what your next move should be? Overwhelmed? Have a specific issue you can’t get past? Just need someone who ‘gets’ online business to talk things through with?

Let me help you get unstuck.

Like a virtual coffee date with me

Imagine we’re sitting in a coffee shop having a good chat about your business – that’s what my Clarity Calls are like.

Whatever you feel would be helpful for you to discuss with me, we can cover it in the session.

It can be useful to come to the call with a few questions or areas where you’re feeling stuck in your business and together we can help you make progress.

You can use this clarity call to help you:

  • Create a new strategy for getting more clients
  • Discuss a specific project like a course or group programme launch
  • Get clear on your niche and messaging
  • Figure out how to approach social media
  • Like a big general ‘pick my brains’ session
  • To get my eyes on your stuff – to review your website, coaching package etc
  • Talk through a mindset block you feel is keeping you stuck
  • Work through all your ideas and develop a plan

Stop feeling overwhelmed with ideas and ‘shoulds’

Together we can help you move forward and get results in your business. This isn’t about putting your business into a box or copying the latest cookie cutter approach, it’s about me supporting you with coaching and mentoring to help you plan a path for you and your business that feels good and works well.

What’s included?

  • 60 minute 1:1 clarity call held on Zoom
  • Pre call questionnaire
  • Post session notes and any additional resources I think might help you

Once you’ve paid using the links below you’ll be redirected to a page to book your call in my online calendar. 


lets do it!

60 minute clarity call – special offer

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