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Is this how you’ve been told to market your coaching business?…

Keep posting on Instagram or TikTok – grid posts, live videos, no now its Reels! (you’re trying but you’re fed up of getting 2 likes on a Reel that took you 2 hours to create, as well as the continuously changing algorithms)

Just create a freebie and grow your email list (you’ve done that but you’re getting no eyes on your freebie sign up page and no subscribers)

Run a webinar or workshop (but you’ve no one in your community to invite to one!)

You’re trying all the things but you’re overwhelmed and fed up of getting no subscribers and no clients – not even likes! You bounce between creating loads of stuff, to procrastinating and doing nothing because deep down…

You don’t know what you’re suppose to be doing 🤷🏻‍♀️

(Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!)

Social Media isn’t working

Do you relate?

⚡ Social media isn’t working for you (Maybe that’s a lack of engagement, trouble keeping up with the volume of content you’re trying to create, or perhaps you just fucking hate social media!)

⚡You’re totally unclear about where to start with content marketing (maybe you don’t even know that even is!) that’s not based on social media, or perhaps you have been trying it but aren’t seeing the results you’d like

⚡Sharing shorter form content is feeling unsatisfying – you wish you could connect more deeply with your audience and community

⚡Your email list isn’t growing – like it’s literally crickets over there

⚡You struggle to show up and market your coaching business consistently

Sound familiar? Read on..

Let’s fix that shall we?

What if instead of having no clue how to market your coaching business you had a simple strategy to help you:

Be discovered by your dream boat clients

Build your list

Show case your unique awesomeness (everyone has this!)

Turn new to you folks into die hard super fans

Create content you absolutely love that has depth and substance

Future proof your flow of clients and create unmatched sustainability in your business

All using proven strategies that work!

This changed everything

Hi, I’m Laura 👋

I started my health coaching business back in 2012 and tried so many things to make my business work.

The thing that consistently made the biggest difference?

Blogging on the regular.

Unbeknown to me at the time, when I started a blog I was laying a secure foundation for my business that would ensure I still had a steady flow of clients and customers for my courses and programmes even when I reduced my hours, went on maternity leave and pivoted to a totally new niche.

The best thing? I absolutely LOVE creating my content – it’s never a chore, it actually feels super enjoyable and fun!

welcome to

The Content Marketing for Coaches Club

The Content Marketing for Coaches Club is a monthly membership designed to help you create consistent and engaging content that helps you get more clients, subscribers and sales. We focus on creating content that is long form and searchable – so everything in the membership is focused on growing a Blog (and by extension a Pinterest account), Podcast or YouTube Channel

When you join The Content Marketing for Coaches Club..

You’ll get everything you need to get started with content marketing and create a consistent marketing foundation for your business that attracts more clients, subscribers and sales.

Simple Membership Level – $9 a month


Quick Start Training and Workbook – so you can get started with your content marketing strategy fast


Monthly Content Inspo Pack with content prompts, Canva templates and repurposing ideas – so you’re never stuck wondering what to create!


Quick Start Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Training – so the right people find you


Content Planning Template and Content Planning Training


Monthly Private Podcast to keep you up to date with ideas, inspiration and marketing trends


Growing tech tutorials library

Why this works ✨

When you create content based on the methods I teach in the membership you are…

Creating a body of work on a platform you own (aka, your blog / website) – unlike social media which you do not own

Creating a body of work that has the potential to bring new people into your world for years to come – unlike content on social media which has a much shorter engagement time – I call this ‘creating longevity’ which is also where we start and build more sustainability into our businesses

Creating work which is discoverable – all of the platforms we focus on inside the membership are based on search, this means people who are actively searching for solutions to their problems are going to find you – if you create your content in the right way

✨ Growing your email list because the viewer to subscriber conversion is much more effective on longer form content – i.e blog posts, podcasts or videos where the viewer is hanging around for longer and where the direct link to sign up is right there in front of them within the content

Building the know, like and trust factor – creating content in the way I teach in the membership showcases not only your ‘authority’ but also your personality, your values and your messaging – all things that contribute to gaining clients

I want to make it easy for you to show up and create this kind of marketing on a consistent basis and to do so with the right strategies under pinning your work so that you actually move the needle on your business – all while retaining a sense of alignment with who you are and what you want to share

Truth time

This method of marketing can sometimes take time to kick in – I call it ‘slow and expansive’ marketing because it can take time to get results, but the potential is hugely expansive.

Although it can be slow, when you gradually create a foundation of this kind of marketing in your business the pay offs are huge.

I’ve created this membership to support you over the longer term to make creating this kind of content easy.

And as ‘slow’ as it can be, there’s always the potential for much quicker results…


What about social media?

While the content in the membership doesn’t focus on social media, it’s totally up to you how you want to approach it.

If social media isn’t your thing, this membership can absolutely support you to market your coaching business without it completely if that’s what you want.

However, another approach (and what I do personally) is to use social media to amplify what I create elsewhere – rather than seeing social media as a primary part of my content marketing.

Content Marketing for Coaches Club is for…


Coaches New to Content Marketing

The health, life or spiritual coach (or anyone in between!) who wants to get started with marketing on a blog, podcast or YouTube channel and needs support and training to help them do the things that make this kind of content actually work – find consistency, implement under lying strategies and actually enjoy the process without overwhelm!


Coaches who are ready to up level their results

The health, life or spiritual coach who has already dabbled with creating content in this way but who is frustrated that they aren’t able to stay consistent with it and they aren’t getting the results they want – like those clients, subscribers and sales.

Content marketing can be overwhelming but Laura makes it easy, manageable and fun! In the Content Marketing for Coaches Club, I have everything I need to create content in a way that is sustainable, productive and joyful. I can’t recommend it enough!

Vicki Pavvit

These content kits are amazing!!  I so appreciate the time you put into this!

Katherine Finley

I’m ready to grow my coaching business with content marketing!

Ready to dive in? Join us using the links below to get instant access to the key trainings and resources and a back catalogue of our Content Inspo kits as well as all future trainings and resources.


Is the membership about giving up social media?


While the content in the membership doesn’t focus on social media (we focus on blog, podcast and long form video content (primarily YouTube), it’s totally up to you how you want to approach it.

If social media isn’t your thing, this membership can absolutely support you to market your coaching business without it completely if that’s what you want.

However, another approach (and what I do personally) is to use social media to amplify what I create elsewhere – rather than seeing social media as a primary part of my content marketing. We have a whole bunch of info on how you can actually do social media much more effectively using this approach!

Can I cancel the membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. You will lose access to all of the resources and everything included in the membership within 24 hours of your cancelation so bear that in mind if you decide to cancel. You will be able to cancel easy via a link located in the members area.

I don't have a blog, is the membership going to work for me?

The membership is best suited to coaches who have a website already created with a blog function – however, the membership can support you to get started even if you don’t have a blog. You can start a podcast or YouTube channel without a website and use a third party blogging platform such as Medium.

I don't have my email list set up yet, is the membership going to work for me?

Ideally you would have an email list set up (this is something we cover in my 6 month group programme Wholehearted Business) If you don’t, I’d still encourage you to get going with content marketing and what we teach in the membership and add your email list bits in later. You can always reach out to me for bespoke support if you want help to get that up and running.

Does the membership come with a community?

We don’t have a specific Facebook group or other community platform with this membership. However, you can join my client and customer only Facebook group – this group isn’t membership specific (it’s for anyone who has purchased something from me or worked with me as a client) but it’s a great place to ask me and others questions and get to know others in the membership.

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