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grow your list ✨ sell to your list ✨ master your email marketing

Let’s talk everything email marketing for health and life coaches! Learn how to grow your email list, sell your coaching services to your list and all the essential things you need to know about email marketing in 2024.

live training (and replay) Wednesday 17th January 1pm UK / 8am ET / 5am PT

If one of your 2024 business intentions is to grow your email list then this is the training for you! I’ll be sharing everything you need to know as a health or life coach around email list growth, email based marketing strategies and email list deliverability and systems.

By the end of this training you’ll be equiped with everything you need to know to grow your business and get more clients via a thriving email list.

This free training will help you master your email list for 2024!


How to grow your email list


How to nurture and sell to your email


The essential things you *must* know when it comes to email marketing in 2024


How to do email marketing as a health or life coach (rather than any other type of online business)

Growing your email list on your 2024 intentions list?

This free training is for you if:


You know you need to build and nurture an email list to create a sustainable and profitable coaching business but you feel stuck and overwhelmed


You aren’t sure what kind of content you should be sending to your email list to encourage sales and more clients


You’ve heard that there might be some changes coming around email deliverability in 2024 but aren’t sure exactly what those are and what you need to do


You’re ready to finally feel confident around your email list growth plans and your email marketing strategy

Hi, Laura here 👋

I help heart centered health and life coaches get more clients, grow their businesses and live their best lives while they do it.

Growing and nurturing an email list is one of *the* most important areas of your coaching business to master because it can have a profound impact on your business and ultimately how many clients you attract.

I’m so excited to run this free training to help you, no matter what stage of business you’re at. I’ve been running a coaching business for the last 10 years and know a thing or two about growing an email list and making it the foundation of your business.

I’m looking forward to you to joining me for this!


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