It’s not that you are what you eat

It’s that you are what you think

Any of this ring a bell?

– Being all or nothing

– Starting again every Monday

– Not being consistent

– Self sabotaging – basically doing things you know are bad for you

– Eating mindlessly

Ever wonder why some people find it easy, yet you don’t?

Your mindset is the window through which you interact with life. It affects how you feel, how you behave and your actions. 

It’s not that you’re ‘broken’ it’s just that your mindset is different to theirs.

here’s some of what we’ll cover in this 5 day course:

How your brain actually works:

Understand what the F is going on up there so you can start and understand why your mindset is the way it is

Why we get stuck in unhelpful patterns:

The reason why we get caught up in our vicious circles and how to break the cycle

Simple ways to start transforming your mindset now:

Get some of my best tips to learn how to shift how you think in order to change your behaviour and finally ditch the all or nothingness and self sabotage

Ready to transform your mindset?

Meet your Transform Your Mindset Course Host

Hi there, I’m Laura.

I’m a women’s wellness coach and blogger behind Wholeheartedly Laura with training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and integrative health, who’s super passionate (and geeky!) about mindset as the huge missing piece of our wellbeing – let’s face it, we all know how to eat healthily, but having the right mindset to do so it consistently is what most of us are missing.

I’ve worked with hundred’s of women to support them to improve their health and wellbeing through changing their mindset.

Personally I’ve battled with my own mindset around my relationship with food and my body. Finding peace, power and purpose through understanding how my brain works has helped me realise that I wasn’t ‘broken’ and has given me the ability to change my behaviour, treat myself with more kindness and feel oh so much better in my body!

See you inside the 5-day email course.

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