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Pinterest Marketing Planner

Get your Pinterest marketing strategy sorted with this free planner for coaches who want to get more clients, grow their list and build their business!

This free planner will help you create a foundational strategy to help make Pinterest a success.


Pinterest SEO tips


How to grow your list with Pinterest


How to make your boards, pins and blog posts work together

You’ll want to download this FREE planner if you:


Want to learn how to market your coaching business with Pinterest


Don’t understand how to link your Pinterest set up with actually getting more clients and customers


Need a strategy to follow for Pinterest that actually works!

This planner is absolute genius! Thank you Laura – Kate

Hi, Laura here 👋

I help wholehearted humans create coaching businesses so they can live their purpose and enjoy a life that lights them up.

I’m all about helping coaches and solopreneurs grow their businesses and have fun while they’re at it!

Pinterest is one of my favourite platforms for marketing ourselves as coaches. It’s sustainable, our content can have longevity there and it works really well for getting people to visit our websites, join our lists and become clients.

This free planner will help you get started and make Pinterest a success for you too!


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