This weekend has been a bit meh. On Friday I had some news that was a bit disappointing that left me in a bit of a funk, then yesterday I was working – which was ok, but since I had pulled a muscle in my lower back, standing around for 5 hours put me in a right nasty mood. Then to top it off the flush on the toilet broke (James has fixed it bless him). Grrr! But, not to be beaten, a few simple pleasures have picked me up and made me feel better. That bowl of ‘courgette bread’ oats was comfort in a bowl this morning. I whisked in an egg and some vanilla extract while the oats cooked and then added a grated courgette topped off with peanut flour sauce and dried cranberries. I had that after my spin class – I did have to really push myself to go, but I felt so great afterwards! Combined with that extra hour of sleep this morning and the following lovely things, I’m now feeling miles better.

I was so pleased that I had thought ahead and took some soup out of the freezer to defrost for when I got in after work yesterday:

IMG 6503

This is some of my carrot, ginger and orange soup with some hemp seed sprinkles. Even just looking at the colour of it makes me smile!

On Friday evening James and I went to Tescos for shopping and I found some Tea Pigs Chai Tea in the reduced section:

IMG 6507

I added some almond milk of course, lovely!

Squash and brussel sprouts are my fave foods at the moment, so a dinner of them topped with a home made organic beef burger was just what the doctor ordered:

IMG 6512

Last night I enjoyed a hot epsom salts bath while watching stuff on Netflix on the iPad – you have no idea how happy I am to be able to watch TV in the bath! After that I decided to dig out some of the chocolate I bought in Berlin:

IMG 6515

This chocolate is fabulous! Accompanied with a mug of hot chocolate it was a great Saturday night treat. Add to that an email from my best friend and I was in a much better mood!

Last but not least, baking is definitely one of the simple things that makes me happy:


Apple, pecan and maple flapjacks, recipe coming up next week! Although I try not to use food to pick me up, I think it’s ok when it’s all healthy stuff eaten in the right amounts. So glad that I’ve been able to knock emotional eating on the head! 

How did you spend your extra hour this morning? I was very happy to have the extra hour in bed! What are the simple things that pick you up when your feeling a bit meh? 

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