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Hello lovely readers, I hope you are enjoying your weekends! Mine has been mostly spent working, things are so busy for me at the moment which is a good thing but does have it’s down sides. I’ve struggled with feeling over whelmed at times and daft situations such as my broadband connection going down has had me feeling very frustrated and upset. I could have done with hiding myself away in that chill out zone pictured above, alas the best I could do was some yoga and meditation at home! But overall there have been lots of great things, one of which was meeting up with my old uni friend Zoe!

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We met at Tea Sutra in Newcastle, and as you can see from those pics it has a very relaxing vibe – just what I needed! I tried some cherry sencha green tea and kuricha green tea. I loved how the tea came with a little hour glass so you could time the brewing correctly! Zoe and I did our MA in Community and Youth Work together over 4 years ago and although we have kept in touch online it was the first time we’d met up since then. Zoe is a fabulous foodie (check out her blog!) and treated me to some goodies she knew I would like:

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Chocolate chip peanut butter cookies and matcha goodies from Hong Kong! She clearly knows me so well, those cookies were amazing! I’ve saved a couple in the freezer so I wasn’t tempted to eat them all in one go. 


I have to say this has been a cracking food week. It feels like I’ve eaten some really delicious meals, here’s my faves:

IMG 8053Homemade sweet chilli turkey burger with avocado and red pepper in a lettuce wrap

IMG 8030Wild pacific salmon with stir fried veggies and Thai red coconut curry sauce (this was utterly gorgeous, definitely to be repeated!)

IMG 8013Quinoa lentil salad with tahini dressing

IMG 8070Porridge with an egg whipped in, mango and full fat coconut milk

IMG 8089Treat lunch from Pret – Super Salad with hummus and quinoa, apple celery green juice

P1160576Mexican bowl with black bean chilli, organic blue corn chips, avocado, greek yoghurt

IMG 8023Cherries, quinoa, greek yoghurt and hemp seeds for breakfast

IMG 8061One of lots of green smoothies – this one containing spinach, pear, grass fed peanut butter whey protein powder, maca, greens powder


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Workouts this week:

  • Monday – Gym 3,2,1 workout 1 hour
  • Tuesday – Yoga and hula hooping 20 minutes 
  • Wednesday – Gym 3,2,1 workout 1 hour
  • Thursday – Davina cardio box 30 minutes
  • Friday – Metafit 30 minutes
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Spin class 45 minutes

I usually go for a run on a Thursday but I had things on so opted for some old skool Davina first thing. It was actually a great workout and fun to do something different for a change!



I ordered this necklace from Applelatte on Etsy and I just love it! I’ve been wearing it all week. 

IMG 8075

It’s been a cold week so most of my outfits have been layering it up. This included a vest, stripy tee shirt, long length cardigan, jeans, two pairs of socks and a scarf finished off with big boots. I have to admit I am longing for the spring now!


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As much as there has been some really shitty times this week, there has been just as many great things. At the beginning of the year I started to use this ‘good things’ jar so when something good happens I jot it down on a post-it and then at the end of the year I’ll have all those lovely memories to look back on. On Wednesday I got a call from my Doctors to say that my blood test results show that I have ovulated for the first time in several years. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you’ll know my history with hypothalamic amenorrhea and although I have had a period recently I hadn’t ovulated. Now I have! I cried tears of joy let me tell you. We aren’t seeking to start a family or anything, I just want to have a properly functioning body. The weight gain, some choice comments from others about my size, everything to get to this point is worth it for knowing that my body is healthy for me! Obviously that went in the good things jar. Also…

Kicking off a project working with girls in schools and it starting really well // meditating for myself // celebrating my Sister and Dad’s birthday last night // huge fruit and veggie grocery shops and finding kabocha at Waitrose // first sessions with fabulous clients // James being an amazingly supportive husband, even we we argue and fall out // peanut butter flavour protein powders


How has your week been? Do you ever just have one of those weeks? Give me an eat, move, wear, love or link from your week!

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