…and don’t I know it! I would be lost without my Sundays, and the one just gone especially as I took it as an opportunity to get myself organised and raring to go for the first proper week of 2014! Today’s WIAW is from last Sunday which despite being productive and organised, was spent entirely in PJs. Never a bad thing in my opinion.


I was up pretty early so left James in bed to have a lie in. After some warm water with lemon I made a cup of organic coffee with unsweetened almond milk. I’m sticking to just one cup of regular coffee a day and that’s working really well for me at the moment. For breakfast I made an amazing microwavable coconut flour bake for breakfast:


I shared the recipe for this in my newsletter, but I decided the recipe was too good to just keep to myself so shared it on Facebook last night as well! It’s so easy to make – just 2 tbsp coconut flour, 2 tbsp milk (I used almond milk), 1 egg, 1/2 tsp baking powder and 1 tbsp maple syrup. Mix together, add your add ins (I used frozen raspberries here) pour into an oiled bowl or two ramekins and microwave for 2-3 minutes. Voila! I also added tahini on top of mine, delish!

I spent the morning working and getting extremely frustrated with Pages on my iMac. I eventually took a break from work to make a big pan of lentil soup. I had a bowl for lunch:


I’m going to blog the recipe for this soon as it’s no ordinary lentil soup! As well as that bowl I had the little bit that was left after I’d portioned it out into freezer bags ready for lunches this week. I got back to work in the afternoon but tied up all my tasks by 3pm so could start getting organised for the week ahead. I snacked on a bowl of frozen raspberries with some sheep milk yoghurt as a snack:


A little later I made myself a rooibos tea with almond milk and treated myself to a miniature Green and Blacks dark chocolate:


I then set about roasting a Freedom Food whole chicken and making some healthy muffins for snacks for the week. Dinner was some of that chicken with roast kabocha squash and brussels sprouts:


After that I tried one of the muffins I’d made:


The recipe for these is basically the recipe for the microwave bake above, tripled, and then baked at 180 in the oven for 30 minutes. I got 9 mini muffins out of the mix. So much yum!


A little later I was still hungry so had a sliced pink lady with peanut butter. One of the best snacks ever! After that I set out an outfit for the office the next day and prepped my gym kit for Monday mornings workout. I also did the first guided meditation from the Headspace app. It was awesome, although I did almost fall asleep while watching Sherlock!


So that was my Sunday. It feels really good to be getting back to normality with my eats after the holidays. I did weigh myself on Monday morning and it was what I expected, i.e. not great, I’m definitely over the point where I feel my best. The weigh in just confirmed it really. However I’m not stressing it as I know that a few weeks of dialling up the healthiness and keeping a closer eye on how much I eat and I’ll be fine. I’ve lost weight before and I feel very well equipped to deal with it now, and in a much better way than I’ve approached it in the past. I could write a whole blog post on all of that so I shall save my thoughts for then! 

How was your Sunday? Do you ever have days you spend entirely in PJs? Did you make any special effort to get organised for the first full week of 2014?

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